February 18, 2017

Handbook of Home Educated Alumni

Home education began in Victoria with half a dozen parents in the 1970s With the first generation of home educated students now adults, we set out to find out where they are and what they are doing. This booklet lists […]
February 14, 2017

Choose Your Own Adventure

By Pavlina McMaster I couldn’t decide on a heading. Read this, then choose one: WOULD YOU WANT TO BE HOMESCHOOLING IN NSW? WELL, YOU MIGHT AS WELL BE. THE WITCH HUNT HAS BEGUN VRQA’S ULTIMATE GOAL Currently, in Victoria, there […]
February 14, 2017

Open letter to Minister James Merlino

Regarding the proposed changes to homeschooling in the Victoria Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017: Dear Minister, As I sit down to write, I find it hard to begin despite having pages of questions about the proposed changes and how […]
February 8, 2017

The Best Laid Plans

By Pavlina McMaster We are a very diverse community. No two households look the same, nor do they educate their children in the same way. This provides a richness to our community that at once brings us together and yet […]
February 7, 2017

Memes Wanted

Got a great meme that promotes home ed? Send it in to coordinator@home-ed.vic.edu.au
February 5, 2017

Should a child be unsafe for 28 days?

By Bekah Carman One of the main reasons parents choose to home educate is as a last resort. They have their children in school and everything is fine – but then something happens, maybe it’s just one time or maybe […]
February 4, 2017

Alumni Video Project

We are gathering short videos (30-60 seconds) of alumni. Below is a link to a Google Drive folder where people can upload their videos. Please share this link around. The videos will be edited and collated and used on a […]
February 2, 2017

Literacy Planet Subscriptions

Last chance to sign up for Literacy Planet for Term 1 Member price is $18 per child. Sign up from the Welcome page in our Member Menu. Offer closes 8 Feb
January 16, 2017

2017 program subscriptions

2017 subscriptions now available for Mathletics $37 and Into Science $36 each (members only) Rosetta Stone deal to be confirmed, depending on numbers. $60 per sub. If interested email rosetta@home-ed.vic.edu.au
January 1, 2017

Home ed Alumni

Where are they now? Australia’s first generation of home educated students are now adults and we’d like to check in with them and form an overall picture of what home ed kids do when they grow up. This information will […]