Ceres Environmental, Energy and Design Workshops

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Date(s) - 07/05/2018
9:45 am



Ceres Environmental, Energy and Design Workshops

Monday 7th of May, 9.45am (until 2-2.30pm)

For families (workshops are tailored to children aged 4-10 and 10-12 but all ages are welcome)


Students aged 4-10 $25 (for up to 3 workshops)

Students aged 10-12 $27 (for up to 4 workshops)

Free for adults

Free for siblings not participating in the programs

Corner of Roberts and Stewarts Streets, Brunswick East

Bookings due Thursday 19th of April, 2018 (but places may fill earlier so book in soon)


Workshops for Ages 4 to 10 years

The ticket for students aged 4 to 10 years includes the following 3 workshops, commencing at 10.15am and finishing at 2pm. You will need to arrive before 9.45am so that we can enter as a group but you are welcome to leave earlier if you need to.

Merri Creek Walk

Hear stories from the past and walk along the creek to observe the changes, find out where the stormwater drain begins and how it collects water from our roads, observe the quality and sources of litter and pollution in drains and waterways, investigate the litter trap and consider ways to prevent litter and pollution in waterways.

Worms and Minibeasts

Investigate the Ceres worm farm and discover the problems with organics in landfill, handle a real worm and learn about it’s role in the composting cycle, hunt for minibeasts and learn about food webs and their importance to a healthy environment.

Garden Discovery Tour

Explore the Ceres vegetable gardens, identify plants, discover the diversity of life in the garden, participate in companion planting, lern how plants can benefit each other, explore how people change environments and create design solutions to grow food.

Workshops for Ages 10 to 12 Years

The ticket for students aged 10 to 12 years includes the following 4 workshops, commencing at 9.45am and finishing at 2.30pm. You will need to arrive before 9.45am so that we can enter as a group but you are welcome to leave earlier if you need to.

Ecological Footprints

Based on your current lifestyle, discover how much air, land and water (our biosphere) you use in your daily life by doing your very own ecological footprint, consider your demands on the planet for food, transport, shelter, goods and services and absorption of wastes, how does Australia’s average ecological footprint compare with other nations? What can each of us do to reduce it?

Fossil Fuels

Discuss current electricity generation and use in Australia. Learn about the formation of fossil fuels. Handle sampes of coal and see oil and natural gas. Generate electricity with human power by riding a bike to power a fan, hair dryer, and TV. See a real miniature thermal power station in action: burning fuel to generate electricity. Discuss issues associated with fossil fuels, including climate change and the carbon cycle, and potential local and global solutions.

Renewable Energy

Learn about sources of electricity currently in use at Ceres, in Australia and globally. Participate in hands-on renewable energy activities in the energy park. Depending on the weather, students will investigate and operate examples of photovoltaics, solar thermal, wind power, hydro power and bioenergy. Discuss the advantages and limitations of different renewable energy forms and their place in a sustainable society.

Sustainable Building Design

Introduce or clarify the principles of environmentally sustainable building design, explore the buildings around Ceres, discussing and comparing the features of sustainable and unsustainable buildings, observe real-world functioning examples of: passive heating and cooling, insulation, recycled, local and natural building materials, sustainable timber, double glazing, orientation for solar energy, window design and planting for thermal comfort. Collaboratively design a hypothetical sustainable building. Learn to analyse the design of other buildings where we live, work, play and visit.


What to Bring

Drinks, snacks, picnic lunch etc. Ceres request that we bring a waste free lunch. There is a cafe and an organic shop if you prefer to purchase lunch. The cafe does not offer disposable cups so please bring a ‘keep cup’ if you plan to purchase a hot drink.

You may also bring old phones or batteries for recycling.

Appropriate gear for the weather (hats, sunscreen or raincoats etc.)


Important Notes:

Only a couple of parents may stay with each group. Siblings not booked in to the programs may not stay with the groups. This is a condition of Ceres. You may wander around the facilities, check out the organic shop, visit the cafe or leave your children and come back … whatever suits your family.

By booking in for this event you agree that your children remain your responsibility during the activity, you participate at your own risk, and that you have read and agreed to the HEN Event Attendee Guidelines.


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