FAQ about New Regulations

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December 28, 2016
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FAQ about New Regulations

Frequently Asked Questions

What changes are happening?

From Jan 2018:

  • New registrations (including siblings of already registered children) will involve submitting an Individual Learning Plan for a full year.
  • Children must remain in school while awaiting VRQA approval.

Commencing April 2018:

Do ‘random reviews’ mean I might be reviewed for one child every year? 
Possibly, reviews will look at an individual child’s registration, not the whole family. Another child could come up for review later in the same year or the following year. Note that the regulations do not limit the frequency of reviews, so routine annual reviews could be implemented without reference to parliament.

What’s with requiring kids to be in school during the application period?
A principal has the power to approve an absence. However, if they refuse, the child must remain in school while you appeal their decision to the regional office (a process expected to take 2 weeks for a decision) and if they refuse you can appeal to the Office for School Dispute Resolution (who will make a decision in 10 school days). HEN advocates (and will continue to push for) provisional registration which is available in other states. Parents must have the ability to remove children to safety without bureaucratic interference.

Are there going to be home visits?
There will be no compulsory home visits. Review does not equal home visit. Reviews may be mainly paperwork and perhaps a phone discussion. The Education Act (5.8.3F 4) forbids VRQA/DET from entering your home uninvited. i.e. the VRQA can request a visit but you can refuse. You cannot refuse an interview, but it can be at a neutral location. Please ensure new people know they have the right to refuse a home visit.

Weren’t HEN consulted on this? Why is it so bad?
HEN was ‘consulted’ but the consultation was a matter of appearances. Our campaign has resulted in some input on the implementation of the regulations and we will take every opportunity to negotiate reasonable requirements.

The RIS says HEN has helped develop support materials, is that true?
No, but we hope to have input on the new ones.

Can HEN help with plans/reviews?
Yes, when the final requirements are known we will provide free information and further support to our members.

I am registered but have a pre-schooler to register in 2018, would I have to do a Plan?
Yes, under the proposed regulations, you would have to submit a plan for the new child being registered (but not for your children who are already registered).

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