Home ed kids can undertake work experience.  The requirements vary according to state.

HEN’s insurance covers work experience for our members. To enquire, read the state-specific information below and email work-experience@home-ed.vic.edu.au staging which state you are in.


  • You approach an employer and set it up with them.
  • The Dept of Education and Training’s work experience page contains information and a form which you can use
  • HEN’s members can use the HEN work experience form (see insurance)
  • There is a Safe@Work module to be completed by students before undertaking work experience.
  • Minimum age: 14.
  • For students aged under 15, it is necessary for the employer to have a ‘child employment permit‘ and for anyone working directly with the child to have ‘working with children’ permit.
  • You can do work experience for up to 10 days a term and no more than 40 days per year.
  • There are specific requirements for dealing with dangers and hazards in various industries (e.g. automotive or working with animals).
  • Ensure you check the Hazard sheets for your industry. 

Insurance (Victoria): 

  • Schools are required to have $10 million in public liability insurance in order for students to undertake work experience. The Education Department advises that it is not necessary for home educators to take out Work Experience Insurance because ‘home schools’ are not included in the definition of ‘schools’ in the Education Act.
  • If the student is paid a minimum of $5 per day, they are covered by WorkCover. WorkSafe is the Victorian statutory body which enforces Victoria’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) laws, and provides WorkCover insurance. Any queries on WorkCover  should be directed there.
  • Students are also covered by the public liability insurance on the workplace.
  • The Public Liability insurance attached to some home and contents insurance policies includes cover for volunteer work in the community – check your policy
  • Both paid and unpaid work experience for HEN students can be covered under our insurance policy. Email work-experience@home-ed.vic.edu.au for details.
  • Please allow us a month to process the paperwork as the requirements vary with work experience types (e.g. working with animals).


  • You can set up work experience yourself.
  • Your homeschool authorised person may be able to assist. You may find the Victorian resources above useful.
  • NESA has a list of work experience hazards by occupation (e.g. working with horses) which is worth exploring
  • HEN’s insurance can cover both paid and unpaid work experience for HEN students.
  • Minimum age 14 years.
  • There are extra requirements for any industry with specific dangers/hazards (e.g. automotive, working with animals).
  • Ensure you check the hazard sheets for the type of work you wish to undertake e.g. working with horses
  • Work experience for students of 14 years of age may not be conducted outside the hours of 7.00am to 6.00pm, nor in school holidays.
  • Email work-experience@home-ed.vic.edu.au to have the work experience form sent to you.
  • Please allow a month to process your paperwork as the requirements vary with work experience types (e.g. working with animals).


Unfortunately, HEN’s insurance cannot cover work experience for students in Queensland because the Education (Work Experience) Act 1996 specifies that a work experience arrangement for a home educated student must be approved by the chief executive of the department or their delegate.

However, work experience can be arranged and approved through the Home Education Unit as part of your home education registration.

  • Minimum age is 14 years
  • There is a limit of 30 days per year.
  • The student must not be paid.
  • The work experience agreement form is here
  • Contact the Home Education Unit for more information
    Contact details:
    Phone: (07) 3513 6755
    1800 677 176 (outside Brisbane)
    Email: homeeducation@qed.qld.gov.au


Work experience is covered under the Government’s insurance policy, with the family to pay an excess of $1000 in the event of a claim. The Registrar’s Office will provide forms.
Contact details:
Ph: 6165 6135
Website: https://oer.tas.gov.au/home-education/
email: registrar@oer.tas.gov.au

Western Australia

The legal requirements around work experience insurance in WA make it impossible for HEN’s cover to apply. The following organisations have been used in the past by home educators in WA on a user-pays basis:

South Australia

The government’s insurance policy covers work experience for all students enrolled in a government school. The SA arrangement whereby home educated students are enrolled in a local school but exempted from attendance should mean they have access to the government insurance for work experience.  Contact the Home Education Unit at DECD.HomeEducation@sa.gov.au or phone 8226 1327 (The best time to call is on a Monday or Friday as home education officers generally conduct home visits on other days.) If you have further information on work experience arrangements for SA home educators, please send it to swight@home-ed.vic.edu.au


The Northern Territory Work Experience Policy and Guidelines are here

The ACT Work Experience Guidelines are here

  • Your homeschool inspector, moderator or authorised person may be able to assist.
  • You may also find preparation resources from other states (above) useful.
  • HEN’s insurance may cover work experience if your moderator can’t help. Please allow time for us to check the details.