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August 28, 2015
Children educated at home don’t learn like they do in school
August 28, 2015
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Media Roundup

November 2017 Why Do Parents Homeschool? Child Magazine

November 2017 What’s driving the rise in home schooling? by James Reid, The Educator

August 2017 Homeschooling rising fastest among students with special needs as parents look for new directions by Sarina Locke ABC Rural Online and associated Radio segment on ABC AM Home schooling growing fast for students with special needs. ABC Hobart followed by interviewing Linda Carlos from HEA Tas (home ed segment begins around the 1:20 mark)

August 2017 Meet the family who don’t go to schoolSunrise and follow up discussion 

July 2017 Homeschooling in Shepparton on WIN News

July 2017 Children are eager to learn  by Tara Whitsed, Shepparton News

June 2017 Home schooling and ‘un-schooling’ on the rise and the results look promising on The Feed

June 2017 Compass: School’s Out ran a segment on home education involving three families using a variety of methods.

September 2016 Unschooling education: How building a house changed Daylesford teen Zephyr The Age

September 2016 Homeschooling on the Rise, The Morning Show interview with HEA vice-president Carly Landa

August 2016, Homeschooling: the pitfalls and benefits Women’s Weekly

January 2016 School’s Out – Cosima Marriner, Daily Life

October 2015 More families pick homeschooling – channel 9 news

October 2015 Home-schooling sees large increase in Victoria – Henrietta Cook, The Age

March 2015: Live and Learn Great unschooling article in the Sunday Style magazine. Carleen Sing told her story to Beverley Hadgraft

Jan 2015: Blackmarket Homeschooling Runs Rampant in Victoria, The Weekly Times – claims unregistered home education is ‘rampant’ in Victoria. This type of article groan-worthy and the figures it quotes are pure guesswork with nothing we’ve seen supporting them. Unregistered home education is less common in Victoria than other states.

January 2014: Home-schooling on the rise – Konrad Marshall, The Age

March 2013: More Families Choosing to Learn at Home  (The Age March 25), by Wendy Morriss

May 2011: Asperger’s high-tech school The Lab opens in Footscray (Radio National 13 May) Featuring home ed family.

June 2010: Radio National: Australia Talks (June 1) “Home schooling is catching on, with student numbers steadily increasing in the past years. It’s a conscious decision by many city-based families. So why are more parents turning their back on the traditional education system? And is home schooling a valid alternative to schools?”

May 2010: Amelia Maps Bright Future (Bendigo Advertiser 27 May) A home ed student, 11 year old Amelia Rowe topped Victoria in the National Geographic Competition – the youngest to ever do so.

May 2010 When it Comes to Schooling, There’s No Place Like Home (The Age 13 May)

May 2010: Domestic Blitz (The Age May 2) article on mums staying at home which mentions home education.

February 2010: School’s out when home is the classroom (The Age Feb 14)

August 2009 No place like home for home-schooled Hunter kids (Newcastle Herald, Aug 23)

April 2008 Love’s Harvest.HEN family, the Scotts featured in one of the Love’s Harvest documentaries

July 2007: Country Viewpoint with Stephanie Pollock

June 2007 School’s Out and Home’s In Says Educational Rebel (The Age June 5) John Taylor Gatto visiting Australia

June 2006: Homeschooling and Teenagers (Life Matters, Radio National 26 July)

May 2006: Enough Rope Celebrated cartoonist and journalist, Michael Leunig, interviewed by Andrew Denton’s talks about home educating his children.

1996 Children educated at home don’t learn like they do in school – Alan Thomas on Ockam’s Razor

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