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January 30, 2018
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Media Roundup

January 2019

September 2018:

August 2018: Sunday Mail, Adelaide carried a feature on home education including the issue of two signatures to register in SA

July 2018: Autism: How Taylor Swift helps Fletcher, 8, learn  plus an associated segment on 7.30 24/7

June 2018:

April 2018 saw a wave of articles and segments on the growth in home ed numbers (prompted by Stuart Chapman’s stats) and others unrelated.

February 2018: A Winning Combination (home ed and paid work) by Tanya Hollis, The Age

January 2018: Home ed segment on ABC Breakfast show with HEN’s Shae Reynolds and HEA’s Lindy

November 2017:

August 2017:

July 2017:

June 2017:

2016-2017: A wave of home ed articles were generated by HEN over this period as part of our campaign for reasonable regulatory requirements in Victoria

September 2016:

August 2016: Homeschooling: the pitfalls and benefits Women’s Weekly

January 2016: School’s Out – Cosima Marriner, Daily Life

October 2015:

March 2015: Live and Learn Great unschooling article in the Sunday Style magazine. Carleen Sing told her story to Beverley Hadgraft

Jan 2015: Blackmarket Homeschooling Runs Rampant in Victoria, The Weekly Times – claims unregistered home education is ‘rampant’ in Victoria. This type of article groan-worthy and the figures it quotes are pure guesswork with nothing we’ve seen supporting them. Unregistered home education is less common in Victoria than other states.

January 2014: Home-schooling on the rise – Konrad Marshall, The Age

March 2013: More Families Choosing to Learn at Home  (The Age March 25), by Wendy Morriss

May 2011: Asperger’s high-tech school The Lab opens in Footscray (Radio National 13 May) Featuring home ed family.

June 2010: Radio National: Australia Talks (June 1) “Home schooling is catching on, with student numbers steadily increasing in the past years. It’s a conscious decision by many city-based families. So why are more parents turning their back on the traditional education system? And is home schooling a valid alternative to schools?”

May 2010:

February 2010: School’s out when home is the classroom (The Age Feb 14)

August 2009 No place like home for home-schooled Hunter kids (Newcastle Herald, Aug 23)

June 2009 Leunig: ‘Everything I believed has come true – their eagerness to learn is intact’   (By Ainslie MacGibbon The Age)

April 2008 Love’s Harvest.HEN family, the Scotts featured in one of the Love’s Harvest documentaries

July 2007: Country Viewpoint with Stephanie Pollock

June 2007 School’s Out and Home’s In Says Educational Rebel (The Age June 5) John Taylor Gatto visiting Australia

June 2006: Homeschooling and Teenagers (Life Matters, Radio National 26 July)

May 2006: Enough Rope Celebrated cartoonist and journalist, Michael Leunig, interviewed by Andrew Denton’s talks about home educating his children.

1996 Children educated at home don’t learn like they do in school – Alan Thomas on Ockam’s Razor

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