Monash Cert III in Active Volunteering

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February 23, 2018
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Monash Cert III in Active Volunteering

Certificate III in Active Volunteering course

The course will be commencing in February 2018.

Come and experience University life with a one day a week Certificate III
in Active Volunteering located at Monash University in Clayton.

This qualification is specifically designed for private home-school groups
by Monash Short Courses in partnerships with home-school parents, it has a
lot of hands on experiences, group work and guest speakers from different

This qualification includes two bonus units – Level 2 First Aid and Level 2
Food Safety, which will give the students skills, knowledge and confidence
to seek paid & volunteer work in the future.

– 20 week course

– No class on public & School holidays

– $200 per enrolment if eligible for Government Funding

– Suitable for 12-18yr olds

– Concession cards provided to be used for public transport

– Inter-campus shuttle bus

** It is a full-time course and in order to be eligible for government funding and only pay $200 parents must de-register their child(ren) as homeschoolers and ensure that they re-register them for homeschooling upon completion of the course if they wish for them to continue being home educated. You have the option of continuing their homeschool registration during the 20 week course if they are prepared to pay the full fee ($850).

Contact Angela McGhee for further information.

9905 3180

Dates to be confirmed

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