Newstart Allowance

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August 19, 2015
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Newstart Allowance

In July 2006, ‘welfare-to-work’ policies were introduced for single parent payments. This policy required most single parents with school-aged children to be employed or seeking employment of 15 to 25 hours per week in return for their income support payment.

The current terminology is ‘Mutual Obligation Requirements’ and registered homeschooling is a valid exemption from the work requirements. Payment rates are listed here. For more information contact Centrelink on 13 17 64.

Victorians: You will need to be registered with the VRQA or the Distance Education Centre. You then give Centrelink a copy of your Registration letter to Centrelink and request that they list you as exempt from the Mutual Obligation Requirements under the ‘registered homeschooler catgegory’.

We have known Centrelink to be reluctant to admit that this exemption category exists. We advise home educators who are having any difficulties to print off the information in the exemptions information from DHS. The press release below is now somewhat old but may also be useful. Take them both, together with your homeschooling registration evidence to Centrelink and firmly state that you are exempt under the homeschooling category.

Home educators are advised that this payment does not happen automatically, you need to apply for it through Centrelink.

Changes are made all the time so home educators are advised to watch the news and be prepared to lobby if required.

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