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Welcome to HEN’s online exhibition! New photo based challenges will be revealed each week and we invite our HEN member families to submit entries based on the challenge theme. Entries are open to kids and adults who hold a current HEN membership, and entrants will be in the running to receive a $25 book voucher (for kids), or an extension to your HEN membership (adult). Please read conditions and entry details below.

Challenges are announced weekly, but you have two weeks to submit entries for each challenge.

The current categories are:

Kids –  Outdoors: in the garden, at the beach, in the bush! (photos of plants, landscape, animals etc should be taken by kids, unless they are in the photo)
Adults –  Playing games: board games, card games, drama games, outdoor games
These categories close on October 4th. Click here to view entries.

Kids – Technology and Screen based Creations (items created by kids, anyone can take the photo)
Adults –  Fun with HE friends – at a group, a park, at home etc
These categories close on October 13th. Click here to view entries.


Past categories

Click here to view entries
Kids – Building Creations (the child who came up with the creation in the photo is eligible for the prize, not the person who took the photo)
Adults – Kitchen Maths and Science

Click here to view entries
Kids – Pets (a photo of you and your pet, or a photo you have taken of your pet)
Adults – Reading

Click here to view entries
Kids – Arts and Crafts (Items created by kids, or featuring kids at work – anyone can take the photo)
Adults – Excursions (Home ed or family)

Click here to view entries
Kids – Cooking (Child did the cooking, parent can take the photo).
Adults – Learning together – with parents, siblings of friends


Conditions and requirements

Entries for each category will be open for two weeks. Please note we may have to scale images down before displaying them on our website.

As each category closes, entrants’ names will be put into a hat for a random draw. Two kids per category will each receive a $25 book voucher. One adult per category will receive a HEN membership extension (one year for digital, six months for paper based). Entrants may submit up to four photos per category, but each person will only receive one entry into the draw. You may submit photos for every category, but may only receive one prize.

To make things fair, a prize winner is not eligible to win another prize for three months, however they are welcome to submit photos.

HEN committee members may enter photos but not be eligible for a prize. Children of HEN committee members are eligible for prizes.

HEN alumni (formerly home educated kids) can submit photos, but are not eligible for prizes.

Entries will be available to view on the HEN website.

Kids’ photos may be included in an Otherways feature about the exhibition.

Adults who submit photos are agreeing to allow HEN to use them to illustrate Otherways articles/HEN materials.

Photos should be emailed to as attachments. Please include the following information in your email:
HEN membership number (log in to the website and find this under Account Details, Membership Card)
First name or initial of child
Age (kids)
Your name

We look forward to seeing your entries!

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