So, you’ve been selected for review

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March 20, 2018
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March 22, 2018
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So, you’ve been selected for review

Don’t stress, we’re here to help

Because of our work over the past year, HEN advises that reviews are not expected to be stressful, onerous or intimidating.

The home educators on VHEAC have prepared sample review materials below.

HEN will also run information sessions to help you prepare. These sessions are free to members (use the discount code) and $6 non-members. More sessions being organised.

Individual support will be available to members as required – contact with your membership name.

What is a review?

A review checks that you are complying with the regulations i.e providing regular and efficient instruction that substantially addresses the eight Learning Areas. The review is NOT against the Victorian Curriculum or year levels.

10% of families are reviewed each year.

Reviews involve one child’s registration per family – you can choose which child.

What to expect

Your review notification will specify a month (somewhere between April and October), but you can nominate another month if preferred.

Reviews will be assessed by someone with empathy for home education — in fact one of them is a home educator.

There is no mandated review method — you choose:

  • submitting evidence (see below).
  • a phone chat
  • interview. This can be at a place of your choice, and children are not required to be present.

At the conclusion of a satisfactory review, all children in your family are exempt from a review for two years.


There is no mandated form of review. It is up to you how you demonstrate your child is receiving an education that, taken as a whole, substantially addresses the eight Learning Areas.  Some ideas follow with links to samples prepared by home educators:

  • Report with photos
  • Report with work samples 
  • Spreadsheet
  • Report from a recording App (e.g. KeptMe, GoogleKeep etc)
  • Work Samples
  • Photo record/scrapbook
  • Competition results/assessments
  • Portfolio
  • Blog or facebook page (private if you wish)
  • Calendar notes
  • Annotated photos/scrapbook
  • Journal excerpt. Note: You do not need to keep this level of records on an ongoing basis, but you could do so for a week while under review. A month’s journal would be the maximum to submit.

You may wish to commence record-keeping when you receive notice of a review, or you may choose to make a habit of it. You may also choose to simply write a report when your review comes up— it is up to you.

But if the VRQA assessor is not satisfied after that discussion/report, they have the legal authority to ask for more information — this is where records are beneficial.


  • Unschooling is recognised as a valid method of home education. You’ll need to elaborate on the learning opportunities and resources provided and could provide photo evidence etc.
  • A review will check you are delivering an education, it will not assess the child. i.e. you cannot fail a review on the basis of a child’s lack of progress.
  • You choose a period over which you can demonstrate the education. That could be anything from details of a week to a report on a year (but that’s report on a year, do not submit a year’s worth of work or records!)

Special circumstances

  • What if your child is in the school recovery phase? That’s fine, you need to report on how you are meeting the regulations in the context of your child. This sample report demonstrates how to report for a child who left school in a mess. 
  • What if your child has specific learning needs that mean you aren’t covering all 8 KLAs? Again, that’s fine: you need to report on how you are meeting the regulations in the context of your child. You can choose any reporting method, state your child’s circumstances (no medical evidence required) and report accordingly e.g. the spreadsheet report is for a child with Down Syndrome.


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  1. Monique Nazzari says:

    I’m in Glen Eira – will there be a review meeting here please?

    • wphen says:

      Request noted Monique and we’ve had four other requests for Glen Eira so working on getting a volunteer to run a session in your area. Stay tuned.
      For anyone else wishing to request a session, there is a poll set up in our member facebook group

  2. Bron says:

    Please could you keep me posted on details of a review meeting in Glen Eira, Ashburton, Hawthorn or anywhere in the Eastern Suburbs… you know if the electronic submission needs to be given straight away or in the recommended review month…. Many thanks
    Ps I’m not on Facebook

    • wphen says:

      We’ll post here if we are running further workshops and put the word out through our member emails. We don’t yet know if we’ll do more sessions as we will assess how useful they are after these initial ones. Individual support will be available to members regardless.

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