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August 28, 2015
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August 28, 2015
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Student & Travel Card Alternatives

For those looking for student and travel cards, there are a number of options. The pros and cons for each and which one will suit your student’s needs will depend on how old they are and what they are most likely to use it for.


For each of these, you’ll need to show a copy of your state home education registration letter.

International Student Identity Card – photo ID with your birthdate, identifying you as a student. Cost $25 – valid around the world and gives you access to loads of discounts as well as the ability to prove your age. The ISIC card only lasts for one year from date of issue so you need to order a new one each year. It is valid as a student card on Countrylink trains.There are all sorts of discounts ISIC card holders are eligible for – e.g. Hoyts movie tickets at $10.50, Quantas flights at 40% off.

Keypass: is a card with photo, name, address, date of birth and emergency contact details. It proves your age but not that you are a student. There’s one for people aged under 18, and one for those aged over 18. The cost is $55. The Keypass need only be applied for once but is more expensive than an ISIC and doesn’t identify the holder as a “student” and can’t be used for discounts on goods or services. Keypass  includes the holder’s address and emergency contact details.


Victorian Public Transport Student Concession Card
(information updated from the Public Transport Victoria website 2014)
These don’t have a birthdate listed. They are valid for claiming concession student travel on Victorian trains, trams and buses for one school year so you need to reapply at the beginning of each year. There is an application fee of $9. They are used in conjunction with a concession myki. Children up to the age of their 17th birthday are not required to have a student concession card when travelling on a concession fare on public transport. However, any child who is travelling on a concession fare may be required to provide proof of age upon request by an authorised officer or public transport staff (bus or coach driver, V/Line train conductor, station staff, etc.).
Home educated students over 17 wishing to travel on a concession fare, need a Victorian Public Transport Concession Concession Card.

Home schooled students requiring a Victorian Public Transport Concession Card, can apply by:

  • completing the Victorian Public Transport Concession Card application form
  • include two passport sized photographs
  • enclose a photocopy of your current Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority home schooling notification letter;
  • enclose a cheque made out to Public Transport Victoria for the $9.00 processing fee; and

mail to:

Public Transport Victoria
Home School VPT Student Concession Card applications
PO BOX 4724

A valid Victorian Public Transport Concession Card will be posted to the applicant. You may also receive a free registered concession myki upon request when applying for your VPT Concession Card.

2014 Victorian Public Transport (VPT) Student Concession Card application form (PDF) 178 kB

Note that homeschool applications for the VPT Student Concession card will not be processed at a station, you must mail your application.

Student Passes School students may purchase a (6 or 12 month) Student Pass offering savings on regular travel.
Home schooled students are not eligible for a student pass as they do not travel to and from school.

Victorian Health Care Cards If you are 17 and over and have a Victorian Health Care Card, you can use your Health Care Card as proof of your concession entitlement. You do not need to apply for a Victorian Public Transport (VTP) Student Concession Card to travel on concession fares. For more information, see Health Care Cards.

Myki Cards Holders of Health Care Cards can purchase a concession Myki online at
Applicants for the Victorian Public Transport Concession Card will receive a free Myki with their student concession card.

V/Line passengers Paper tickets are no longer available for purchase at V/Line commuter locations. Passengers who previously purchased paper tickets now need to switch to myki. You will be able to continue using your V/Line paper periodical ticket until it expires.

New South Wales

NSW Senior Student Cards Registered Home schooled students 16 years and over are eligible for student concession travel .

The following information is required:

Copy of the child’s home school registration certificate.  As registration in NSW is only until age 17.  The concession certificate expires on the student’s 17th Birthday.
Photocopy of the student’s birth certificate .
Completion of the Home Schooled Student Transport Concession Application Form (they will email it to you to complete).

To apply contact the Transport Passes and Concessions Office

By mail: Locked Bag 5085 Parramatta NSW 2124
Phone: 1300 548 828
In person:
From the Rail Information Centre
Grand Concourse, Central Station
8:30-16:00, Monday to Friday
Email: passes& and ask for an application form


Queensland Student Cards Registered home educators in Queensland can apply for a Student ID card with photo. contact the Home Education Unit with a passport photo and your registration details The email also requires a statement from you “This is a current picture of my child (full name). Their birthday is (date); and current address is (address).” This email statement will be kept on file at the HEU together with the student photo.

Queensland Travel Cards: Translink in Qld recognise the home ed HEU card (issued by the department on home ed registration) for student travel for students aged 14 years and under. For students aged over 14, we are unaware of any formal department arrangements for student priced travel. If you have any information in this regard, please contact us to share it with other families.

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