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January 23, 2016
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The Alpine Walk

By Harmony Lee

Mittagundi is a really amazing place: an outdoor education centre and pioneer-style farm established with the belief that young people, mountains, purposeful work and challenges are natural partners. It provides a unique experience with no electricity and no sense of time, as they don’t have clocks.

On your first program (the 10 day program) participants do two two-day  hikes in and out of Mittagundi over the beautiful high plains of the Great Alpine Range in Victoria.

While you stay at the place itself (Mittagundi) for four days, you get a chance to abseil and white-water raft on the Mitta Mitta river.

As well as  getting to experience…  cooking on these great big Agas, forge in a Blacksmiths, woodworking in the joinery, lots of wood chopping (!), have wood fire heated showers, and milking cows. Living in a very simple way of life, in a replica of what Alpine life would have been like.

Finn Rodgers and I are both HEN students who have done this course and, this year we are taking part in the Alpine Walk, a fundraiser for Mittagundi and its sister camp Wollangarra. Both Mittagundi and Wollangarra are non-profit volunteer-run organisations  that are becoming more and more important as time goes on.

The actual Alpine Walk itself goes for eleven days and covers 130kms. We are walking from Mittagundi which is near Falls Creek to Wollangarra which is near Licola. Five people are chosen to go on it from Mittagundi and five from Wollangarra. Each of these walkers have to fundraise a minimum of $500 which goes to to providing sponsorship for people  to come to Mittagundi’s general courses, new gear for hiking (which gets worn out quicker than you might think) and anything else Mittagundi might need, like fencing equipment and tin for the roof of the new hut they are building (by hand).

Finn and I would really appreciate it if you could make a donation towards the two of us participating in this event and at the same time help keep Mittagundi running for future generations.

You can donate here 



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