Worried about the new requirements?

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January 30, 2018
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Worried about the new requirements?

Never fear HEN is here!

Read this quick guide and adjusting to the new requirements will all begin to look possible.

Existing Home Educators

Continue to home educate using any method you wish

  • No need to follow the Victorian Curriculum or year levels.
  • No need to submit a learning plan.
  • No compulsory home visits.
  • You do not necessarily need to cover every KLA – you only need to substantially cover them overall e.g. you can skip LOTE.
  • No exemptions required even if you skip a KLA.
  • Renewal process remains the same.
  • Partial enrolment is still available if desired.
  • If you have a new child to register, their registration is the same as for Newbies.

The material change for you is that you now have a 10% chance of being reviewed in any given year, so read Reviews and Record-keeping.


Home educate using any method you wish

  • No need to follow the Vic Curriculum/year levels.
  • Children to remain in school while awaiting VRQA approval. However, if they are in danger, remove them promptly, notifying the principal in writing of the reason. Contact HEN for support if needed.
  • No compulsory home visits.
  • Partial enrolment is available if desired.
  • You will receive a renewal reminder each November.
  • 10% chance of being reviewed in any given year.

Learning Plans (newbies only)

You must submit a learning plan, but don’t stress, they aren’t difficult. Learning Plans do not have to align to the Victorian Curriculum or year levels and they don’t need to be huge. Templates and sample plans are available, and HEN will help members if required. To write a plan, indicate where and when instruction will take place (very generally), how you plan to substantially cover the eight KLAs, and what method of record-keeping you intend to use.

Exemptions (newbies only)

If you don’t intend to cover a particular KLA, you need to apply for an exemption from it. No medical evidence is required and you can apply for more than one if needed. Simply state the reason on the application form and note on the learning plan the learning area/s that an exemption has been applied for.
Reasons are not limited, but could include:

  • Exemption from LOTE due to reading difficulties.
  • Teenager seeks exemption in line with electives.
  • Stressed child requires exemptions to recover.
  • Parent does not have the capacity to teach a certain learning area, e.g. The Arts.

Reviews (newbies and existing home educators)

10% of home educators will be reviewed each year.
Reviews will involve one child’s registration per family. Families selected for review will be notified in February/March and given an approximate date for the review which will be firmed up closer to the review. Reviews will be conducted between April and October and performed by someone with empathy for home education — in fact one of them is a home educator. The review is NOT against the Victorian Curriculum or year levels.
In a review, you will be asked to demonstrate that your child is receiving an education that, taken as a whole, substantially addresses the 8 KLAs.
There is no mandated review method — it could be by a phone chat/interview if you wish, or by submitting a report/work samples/journal/spreadsheet etc. If you have an interview, it can be at a place of your choice, and children are not required to be present. You may be asked for further information if your response is deemed unsatisfactory.
There is no mandated time period that you are reviewed for — you choose a period over which you can demonstrate the education. That could be anything from a week to a year, but you do not need to submit a year’s worth of work.
HEN support available to members.
At the conclusion of a satisfactory review, all children in your family will be exempted from a review for two years.
Unchanged: Review failure will result in deregistration, but you can request the decision be reviewed and/or appeal to VCAT.

Record-keeping (newbies and existing home educators)

There is no legal requirement to keep records.

However, if reviewed, you will need to demonstrate that you are providing an education that substantially addresses the eight learning areas.
For this reason it is highly advisable to keep records that you could use to back you up if required.
You may wish to commence record-keeping when you receive advance notice of a review, or you may choose to make a habit of it — it is up to you.
If you choose to be reviewed via interview, you may not need any records. You may also choose to simply write a report when your review comes up. But if the VRQA assessor is not satisfied after that discussion/report, they have the legal authority to ask for more information — this is where records would be beneficial.

There is no mandated form of record-keeping. Some ideas are:

  • Report (as often as you wish)
  • Diary/journal — could be daily/weekly/monthly.
  • Spreadsheet
  • Recording App (e.g. KeptMe, GoogleKeep etc)
  • Work Samples
  • Photo record/scrapbook
  • Competition results/assessments
  • Portfolio
  • Blog or facebook page (could be private)

None of the these are compulsory.
Your records can be in a format that works for you and is easy to maintain.
Note that a review will check you are delivering an education, it will not assess the child.
i.e. you cannot fail a review on the basis a child is not learning.

More Info

You can download this info as a trifold flier below

Download as a .PDF

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