2018 is looking good

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December 18, 2017
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January 3, 2018
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2018 is looking good

As we enter a new year, our feeling is very positive.

As you know, HEN fought hard against the regulations which took effect today, so you may find it a little odd that we are now positive about the future.  Much of our concern centred on the lack of previous stakeholder engagement and VRQA hostility which made the vagaries of the new regulations concerning. Thanks to our campaign, that’s all changed.

  • We won a Victorian Home Education Advisory Committee (VHEAC) which has had significant input on the design of the application form, the learning plans, reviews and the new Guide to Home Education released today. These have all been based on our knowledge of how home education works.
  • VHEAC’s existence is guaranteed through to end 2019 and we will advocate for it becoming permanent. The opposition have promised to make it a standing committee and we hope to persuade the government to give that commitment also.
  • HEN had a place on the interview panel for the new Home Schooling Unit staff and is happy with the appointees, one of whom has home education experience.
  • This year, VHEAC will run a training session for the new staff and also address the VRQA board.
  • Our campaign successfully demonstrated home education spans the political spectrum and we raised the profile of home education with an incredible 40 articles/segments
  • We’ve broken down many home education stereotypes and myths, demonstrating that home education is varied with a large subsection resulting from school problems.

HEN has a long and proud history of standing up for home educators rights. We are confident that  the new level of stakeholder engagement will continue and we will work hard to ensure it does.

Keep your membership current to support us in supporting you!

Happy New Year!

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