HEN @ Arludo – What Affects Memory? (Forensic Psychology) (Virtual) – SOLD OUT

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HEN @ Arludo – What Affects Memory? (Forensic Psychology) (Virtual) – SOLD OUT


Date(s) - 09/08/2022
10:00 am - 10:30 am


Pizza delivery just got exciting. You’ve been delivering pizza’s like you always do, but tonight you’ve been brought into questioning by the police! They need your help in recreating the scene of a robbery. Can you recall everything accurately?

Students will:

  • Learn about what affects memory and how the brain stores information
  • Learn about the work of a forensic psychologist
  • Run their own experiment to see how leading questions can potentially bias an individual’s memory.
  • Explore simple graphs of their experimental data collected during gameplay
  • Meet with a scientist to learn about the science behind the game using their own data

Session structure:
– Students work individually (or in groups) to complete the activity via the app prior to the live workshop
– Students then meet with a scientist live to discuss results based on the data collected and learn about how future experiments might look

$6 per child
10-14 years old

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