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The Victorian Home Education Advisory Committee (VHEAC) provides feedback to the Department of Education and Training (DET) and the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) on the operation of the home schooling regulations.

The VHEAC was established in 2017. It gives a voice to people in the home education community, including parents. Its contribution helps shape how home schooling is regulated in Victoria.

Advice provided by the VHEAC is used by DET and the VRQA to inform the development and implementation of the home schooling guidelines and support departmental materials and templates. Feedback provided by the VHEAC also informs the Department’s evaluation of the current regulatory approach.

The VHEAC’s membership includes:

  • representatives from DET and the VRQA
  • an advocate for children with disabilities
  • a home education academic
  • up to seven representatives of the Victorian home education community, or six members where a member is not also a disability advocate.


The home education representatives were elected by the wider home education community. Their role is to represent the community’s different perspectives and approaches. They have been instrumental in providing guidance and feedback on the development of some of the DET and VRQA’s resources.

Home Education Representatives

Vacancies currently exist for home education representatives. Nominations for these positions are now open to members of the home education community. Nominees can be current or former home educating parent and can express their interest in standing for election in writing to the VHEAC Secretariat at by 14 June 2021. Nominees should provide their name, contact details, and 150-word blurb summarising their skills, experience and/or reasons for wanting to be involved in the VHEAC.

Following nominations, eligibility review and endorsement by the current VHEAC members, the shortlisted candidates and their blurbs will be published via the VHEAC website. Members of the home education community will then be able to vote for their preferred candidate through an election process, which will be open for two weeks from 2 August 2021.

Disability Advocate

The disability advocate position is also vacant and will be appointed by the current VHEAC. To express interest in this position, submit a blurb as above headed ‘Disability Advocate’. Nominees can be current or former home educating parent of a child with individual needs, or anyone with experience in the disability sector.

The VHEAC’s Future

The current home education representatives not up for election this time will vacate their positions in 2023. They may also nominate for re-election.

Home education representatives (and the disability advocate) elected in 2021 shall hold tenure for four years from the date of appointment, after which time their positions will be open to election.   Membership of VHEAC occurs on a voluntary basis and no sitting fees are payable unless otherwise agreed with DET. Reasonable expenses incurred in participating in VHEAC’s work will be reimbursed in accordance with DET’s Travel Policy and Procedure and by prior agreement with the VHEAC Secretariat.


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