2018 Vic Legal Requirements

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October 20, 2017
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October 30, 2017
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2018 Vic Legal Requirements

The Regulations Roadshow explained the new requirements and a video and transcript of the inner city session is now available here

In brief, the new requirements are:

Learning Plans:

  • Are only required with new registrations.
  • Briefly describe how you intend to broadly address the 8 KLAs for the first 12 months of registration.
  • 2 templates available below but these are optional – you can write a plan in your own format as long as it covers off the detail on p7 of FAQs.


  • You can apply for an exemption from one or more learning areas
  • No medical evidence required


  • 10% of families will be reviewed per year. The review involves one child’s registration
  • You’ll be notified of the review early in the year (Feb March) and approximately when your review will take place.
  • You’ll be contacted closer to the review with a firmer timeline.
  • A review involves you articulating or demonstrating that your child is receiving an education that broadly addresses the 8 KLAs. You can choose how to do that.
  • The review is NOT against the Vic Curriculum or year levels.
  • In a review you will be asked to demonstrate that your child is receiving an education that substantially addresses the 8KLAs, there is no mandated way to do that – it could be by a phone chat/interview if you wish or by submitting work samples/journal/spreadsheet etc.

You can download the handouts (presentation slides, FAQ, Homeschooling Policy and Home Schooling Snapshot and two learning plan templates) from the VRQA resources page

VHEAC have developed Sample Learning Plans for various circumstances.

Slides notes from the VHEAC presentation are below and detail the options open to you when your child’s registration is under review.

Download as a .PDF



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