No, you don’t have to use KeptMe

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January 3, 2018
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January 10, 2018
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No, you don’t have to use KeptMe

Using the KeptMe app is NOT a requirement under the new regulations.

You can keep home educating the same way you always have. Some form of record-keeping is advisable, but you can choose what form that takes. It could be a diary, a spreadsheet, a report, work samples – anything that can demonstrate that you are substantially addressing the eight learning areas as a whole (i.e. you don’t necessarily have to cover every KLA).

There are many recording apps available and some home educators are choosing to use one of them – this doesn’t mean you have to.

If KeptMe works for you, great; if it freaks you out – choose another method. Some ideas below to choose from or elect your own method.

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