There is an allowance under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 for home educators to enrol part-time in a school. Please see our article Partial School Enrolment in Victoria.

Families who wish to do so need to contact the principal of their neighbourhood school to discuss a workable arrangement, but principals do have the right to decline the application if they have reasonable grounds, such as a cap on numbers in the class you are applying for. It is recommended that any interested families read the full guidelines before approaching the school. You can download a Word document with the partial enrolment guidelines (Word) or (PDF) is also possible to enrol in a school other than your neighbourhood one at the discretion of the relevant principal.



Provision also exists under the ACT Education Act 2004 for part-time home education.

To negotiate a part-time home education/part-time school education arrangement in the ACT:

  1. negotiate the arrangement with the principal (or delegate) of the school where the child is enrolled/potentially enrolled
    ii. record the arrangements in an agreement signed by both the parent and the principal
    iii. lodge a copy of the agreement with the Liaison Unit.
    The application for part-time home education registration documents the agreement between the school and the home educator. The agreement shows how the combination of home and school education will provide a high quality education for the child and notes the roles and the responsibilities of both the parent and the school. The original agreement should be held by the part-time school. Copies of the agreement should be held by the home educator and the Liaison Unit.
    For more details see theRegistration for Home Education in the ACT manual



Part time school attendance for up to 2 days a week is permitted. For details see:


South Australia

Each home educated student is officially enrolled at a school and excused from attending it. Some schools are willing to come to partial-attendance arrangements but it is up to the school.



Some home educators have made partial enrolment arrangements with a school but there are no known guidelines or rules covering partial enrolment.


Other States

Part-time home education is not permitted in NSW and WA and there are no known partial enrolment arrangements in NT. For these states, it is worth enquiring via the relevant state authority listed in this legal section as rules change and/or may be flexible for your circumstances.


Private Schools

Private schools can include partial enrolments in their annual census and be funded accordingly.


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