The regulatory changes for home education under the 2017 The Education and Training Reform Regulations come into effect in Jan 2018. 

The Victorian Home Education Advisory Committee is providing guidance, information and feedback to DET and the VRQA on the operation of the new Regulations. This advice will be used by DET and the VRQA to inform the development and implementation of the home education guidelines, support materials and templates plus other non-regulatory matters as they arise.

The following home education representatives were elected to VHEAC by the home education community:

  • Natalie (Gnat) Atherden:           
  • Mark Bachmann
  • Ben Clark                                                 ben6clark (at) gmail (dot) com                     0407 095 230
  • Faye                                                 
  • Litsa Grace                                     
  • Pavlina McMaster                        
  • Susan Wight                                   54395134

Your VHEAC reps will strive to represent the whole home education community as things move forward.

VHEAC also includes:

And, as well as representatives from DET and VRQA, there is a VHEAC secretariat within DET which can be contacted at


VHEAC Communiques will be posted below.

A VRQA/VHEAC Roadshow is underway explaining the expectations of Learning Plans and Reviews and will be worked in with local group meets wherever possible.
A video of the online session is available – session starts at the 10:44 mark




Photo attribution: Nick Youngson – link to –



October 20, 2017

2018 Vic Legal Requirements

The Regulations Roadshow is currently touring the state – see dates and venues a video of the inner city session is now available here In brief, the new requirements are: Learning Plans: Are only required with new registrations. Briefly describe how […]
October 20, 2017

VHEAC Communique Oct 2017

October 2, 2017

2nd VHEAC Communique

September 28, 2017

Roadshow Calendar

A Regulations Roadshow will run over late October-November to explain the expectations of Learning Plans and Reviews. This is a combined information session series by the VRQA and VHEAC. A video of the inner city session is available here Sessions are […]