Public Liability Insurance

HEN has a public liability policy to $20 million which can cover events anywhere in Australia

Events are not covered automatically. To have an event/group covered by HEN insurance you must register it with us. See details.

WA residents: if you are considering joining HEN for insurance purposes, we recommend our sister group, HEWA which can provide WA-specific support as well as access to event insurance.

If you derive a profit from an event, it is not a HEN event and will not be covered by HEN insurance. 

Volunteer Accident Insurance

HEN Volunteers are also covered by our personal accident policy whenever acting on (or travelling to/from) HEN business. Volunteers need to be listed on the insurance register.

Professional Liability Insurance

External facilitators need their own Professional Liability Insurance.

Work Experience Cover 

Available via HEN for all states except Qld and WA.

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