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Home education need not be expensive. You can home educate with a library card, the resources you already have at home and the free resources available in your community. An internet connection is highly recommended. Many commercial home education supplies are available if families choose to use them and prices vary. The reality is there is no specific cost of home education; it can cost very little or it can cost thousands of dollars, depending on what method and which resources you choose to use. We advise families to look carefully at materials before making a large investment. It is unfortunate when families spend a lot of money on a resource, only to discover later that their money could have been better spent.

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Financial assistance

There is no specific financial assistance to home educators in Australia and home educators are ineligible for the Education Maintenance Allowance. However, registered home education is recognised as a valid form of education and, as such, you may be eligible for a payment if you meet the other eligibility criteria.

Centrelink payments for parents and home educators can be a little complicated, as eligibility is based on various requirements and circumstances – your age, income, relationship status, and the age of the children. Payments are not automatic, you need to apply for them through Centrelink.

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