Relax, you can do this

You may feel overwhelmed. You care about your child’s education, and want to get it right. Perhaps you’re apprehensive about the idea of lesson plans, choosing resources, and being reviewed.

HEN is a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteer home educators who are here to support you during this transition. Whether your child is a preppie or teen, has significant learning needs, is traumatised by negative school experiences, or is bored by schoolwork, home education can work for you – it is as individual as your family.

10% of home educators are reviewed each year. If you are selected, you will hear from the VRQA around March. Fear of failing a review or not having the required records is common, and can influence the way people create their learning plans or keep records. Please don’t worry. Nobody has ever failed a review. If you are doing things with your child, and they are learning in their own way, you will pass – and HEN is here to ensure that. Once you have been reviewed, you are exempt from review for two years.

The review staff are supportive, not punitive, and have no preference for a ‘school like’ learning style. You can choose which child will be reviewed and the timing of the review, so you will have plenty of time to think about what to say.

You do not have to report against the curriculum or your plan, provide samples of work (unless you wish to), or prove progress/that the student is ‘at grade’. Your records only need to serve as a reminder of what you have done, so no need for detail. Photos of a few projects and excursions plus your existing diary or calendar would be sufficient.

Before we get into the details, let’s clarify what registration does and does not involve:

You Can

  • Base your learning plan on your child’s interests and needs
  • Cover learning areas through games, documentaries etc
  • Include after school activities, excursions, tutors and therapies
  • Be exempted from a learning area/s if necessary
  • Support your child to go on to tertiary study/work
  • Get support from HEN
  • Get support from the wider community

You don’t need to

  • Ask the school for permission
  • Justify your decision or supply medical evidence
  • Follow any curriculum/grade level
  • Keep detailed records/work samples
  • Be a teacher/have specialist knowledge
  • Submit a plan every year
  • Replicate school at home
  • Spend lots of money on resources
  • Pay for help creating a plan.