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Assistance for Isolated Children information for home educators

Assistance for Isolated Children (AIC) FAQ


What is the AIC payment?

Assistance for Isolated Children (AIC) is a Centrelink group of payments for parents and carers of children who can’t go to a local government school because of geographical isolation, disability or other needs. It is a significant payment available to some home educators, but it is not a ‘homeschool payment’. There are no government payments to home educate your children.

In most cases related to your child having a disability or anxiety, you will need a medical professional to fill in a portion of the forms to show that the child can not attend school, or that a home education environment is better for the child.


Am I eligible?

In addition to the initial eligibility criteria, ongoing receipt of the AIC payment requires annual evidence of continuing registration. Note that if you forget to supply your registration letter with your annual paperwork to AIC staff, it can be uploaded through your MyGov account – when the MyGov system asks if it is a Centrelink form or Supporting Document, choose Centrelink form, then put AICEOY as the code. That gets your registration letter directly to the AIC team promptly.

Please note that that not all home educated children will be eligible for this payment. See Centrelink website for detailed information about eligibility and how to submit claims.


Who needs to fill out the form? Do I need a GP or specialist?

A parent/guardian needs to fill out the claim form (SY040) –

You may also require a Medical Statement – Student Special Needs form (SY099) –

which must be completed by a medical practitioner/specialist.

The additional forms required will be determined by the reasoning for home educating.


When do I need to submit the form by?

To claim AIC for any calendar year, your form must be submitted by 31st December of that year. You may be back paid depending on when you started home educating and when you submitted the form.


How do I answer specific questions?

The questions most people are unsure about answering are covered below with an explanation:


SY040 claim form:

Q1-46 are about the applicant (parent/carer) and the student. If claiming for more than one student, multiple forms will need to be completed.

Q47 – What year are you claiming AIC for? – this can be for the year ahead if you haven’t started yet, or the current year even at the end of that year if you have been home educating during that school year.

Q48 – Name of school / institution = ‘Home education’ with principal home address specified. Please note that if using a form of Distance Education (such as Virtual School Victoria), this is a registered school and those details must be supplied here.

  • Name of state or territory authority that has registered the student for home schooling: in Victoria this is VRQA (you must attach your registration certificate to this application).
  • Grade / year level: can be approximate
  • Exact course title / code number: can leave this blank

Q49 – if home educating for the entire year, this can be 1/1/xxxx – 31/12/xxxx, if you started mid year, put those dates.

Q50 – complete if using partial school enrolment, otherwise tick ‘no’.

Q52 – tick which best applies (usually first box – go to Q68)

Q53-67 – boarding or second home arrangements (if applicable)

Q68 – how many days per week: generally 5-7

Q69 – important question! See the information booklet (at the beginning of the PDF form) for more detail about ‘reason for applying for AIC’, however most frequently the answer will be the second choice ‘has a disability or other condition/need which requires them to study from home’. If you choose this option you must also supply the SY099 Medical Statement form (completed by medical professional), but this can be submitted at a later date in order to begin the process.

Q70 – Tick NO, then for reasoning see information booklet, however ‘medical’ will suffice

Q71-73 – change of circumstances only if applies

Q74-80 – provide details of nearest state school (required). Important! At Q80 tick ‘no’ unless applying under these conditions (geographic isolation etc).

Q81-82 – only answer as applies

Q84-99 – only if applying for boarding allowance

Q100+ – payment details etc as requested


SY099 – Medical Statement

Q6 – tick box A

Q8 – give reasons why  home education is required for this student

Q9-12 – can leave blank if ticked box A at Q6

Q13 – tick ‘yes’. This is the question that trips up most applications, whilst in reality the schools are unable to cater for the child’s needs, we are basically stating that they can but it’s not working. If you tick ‘no’ at this question you will be required to get a statement from the education department confirming that they cannot cater to your child’s needs – practically impossible to get.

Ticking yes at this question does not mean your child is better served at a state school.

Q14 – only if applies (usually not)

Q15 – no

Q16 – yes

Q17 – must be at least 20+

Q18 – can give detail

Q19 – diagnosis and any other issues

Q20 – yes


Where can I get help with filling out the form?

HEN FAQs above should help most queries, and we also take enquiries via email ( However the best source of information is the dedicated AIC helpline on 132 318,. This line is less busy than usual Centrelink services, and the staff have been remarkably helpful and will take the time to help you answer all questions.

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