Thinking of buying an all in one curriculum? What you need to know.

After ‘How do I register’, ‘Should I use (insert the name of any well advertised homeschool product here)’, is the question I see most in different Facebook groups these days.  It’s most commonly asked by parents who are moving to home education from school because of a precipitating event, School Can’t or because their child is disengaged. When compared to home education, schools are

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Resource Reviews

Jump, Fall, Fly

From schooling to homeschooling to unschooling by Lehla Eldridge and Anthony Eldridge-Rogers Available at ebook £7.99 Reviewed by Susan Wills, Lorinna, Tasmania in Otherways issue 152 I jumped at the chance to read this book. The title spoke to me as a parent who, over the past 3 years, has moved from schooling to homeschooling and now unschooling – a journey containing moments

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