October 4, 2020

What is the mid-cycle regulations review?

You may be wondering what the mid-cycle review is and what it means for you. Here’s the lowdown. The laws that govern home education in Victoria are the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (ETRA) and the Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017 (ETRR). The ETRA requires home educators to register with the VRQA and comply with the regulations. Sounds simple enough? Sure, but it […]
June 30, 2020

Partial school enrolment in Victoria

What is partial enrolment? Partial enrolment is when a home educated student attends a school for classes in a specific subject/s or period of time during a school week. The school can be either a private school, or a neighbourhood government school. The arrangement is unique to the student and the school, and is negotiated between the parents and school. School year level may […]
June 15, 2020

How to Register in Victoria

This video explains how to register in Victoria (12 minutes) Links mentioned are: Application form, learning plan templates and samples Legal page including partial enrolment Resources page Distance Education Materials Join HEN Attendance during the waiting period Our Getting Started Guide  
June 5, 2020

Exiting School (Victoria)

This information is also available in a pamphlet format. If your child is aged under 6 or over 17, they are NOT legally required to attend or be registered for home education.  The information below applies to children of compulsory school age (6-17). What does the law say? In Victoria, the law requires children to attend school or be registered for home education. While […]
August 9, 2018

Vic Legalities in Brief

Want the quick version on the Victorian legal requirements for home education? For the longer version see: Learning Plan Guidance Reviews Guide Excerpts from the Act and Regulation
May 11, 2018

Registration and Learning Plans

This information applies to Victoria, for interstate legal information, visit our Legal page. Registration Victorian Home educators are required to register with: Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) Ph: 03 9637 2806 Email: home.schooling@education.vic.gov.au Registration requires an Application form (Word or PDF) together with a Learning Plan for each child. See our video on How to Register Learning Plans Learning plans do not have to be […]
May 1, 2018

Guide to Reviews

Are you a Victorian home educator up for review this year? The Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) is the government department that regulates home education by processing registrations and performing reviews. First, watch the VRQA videos on reviews and what to expect. Don’t stress, we’re here to help The HEN team has put in a lot of work liaising with the VRQA to […]
February 16, 2018

School attendance during the approval period

Victorian law requires children to attend school OR be registered for home education. While awaiting registration approval, school attendance is required. However, there is provision for non-attendance set out under section 2.1.3 of The Education and Training Reform Act (details here) e.g. for illness, accident etc suspension/expulsion child’s disobedience the parent has provided a reason to the principal and the principal accepts that reason. […]
October 28, 2015

Legal info state by state

Home education is legal in every state and territory of Australia but the details and requirements vary. For details of the legal situation in your state see our Legal page.
September 2, 2015

Turning 17 or 18

Depending on the compulsory school age in your state, once you reach 17 or 18, home education registration is no longer a legal requirement and, in fact, you may not be able to register for home education in the year you turn 18. If registration is no longer a legal requirement you may wish to remain registered if: Registration in your state meets the […]
August 28, 2015

Should I register? (Victoria)

This information has been updated from an article written for Otherways magazine by a home educating lawyer in 2006 when registration became a legal requirement in Victoria.  Why register? The law requires it. It is a serious thing to break the law. Victorian home education law remains among the least restrictive regimes in Australia. Registration is straight forward. The regulations and processes are not […]
August 28, 2015

Victorian Home Education History

Victoria has always been the easiest state to home educate in and we have fought hard over the years to keep it that way. Up until 2006, it was allowable under a combination of the Victorian Education Act 1958 and The Community Services Act 1970 which stated parents had to send their children to school or ensure they were receiving ‘efficient and regular instruction in some […]