We do not accept any form of advertising on our website.

We do take limited advertising for educational products and services in our quarterly magazine, Otherways, at the following prices:

  • 1/8 page: $30 one issue, $90 for four issues (75 x 105mm or 62 x 185mm)
  • 1/4 page: $60 one issue, $180 for four issues (100 x 185mm or 150 x 105mm)
  • 1/2 page: $120 one issue, $360 for four issues (150 x 210mm)

Otherways is published in February, May, August and November and the advertising deadline for each issue is the tenth day of the preceding month. For example, the deadline for the February issue is the tenth of January.

All advertisements are printed in black and white but can appear in colour in our online version. Preferred format is PDF, JPG or PNG. If required, we can make up advertisements from text and pictures supplied for a fee of $30. All text is to sit inside 5mm of the edge. Pictures can run to the edge or bleed off the page if desired.

We do have an advertising quota which we will not exceed, and we also maintain the right to refuse an advertisement if we feel it is inappropriate for our members.

As a secular organization, we have a policy of not advertising creationism or intelligent design materials.

Further enquires can be directed to editor (at) home-ed (dot) vic (dot) edu (dot) au