Public Liability Insurance

HEN has a public liability policy to $20 million.

Events can be covered anywhere in Australia, except WA – for WA events, HEN recommends our sister group, HEWA

Events are not covered automatically.

If you run an event it may be covered by the HEN insurance if:

  • Your membership is current
  • You will be running the event as a HEN volunteer. (It is fine to charge a fee to cover costs and for any excess to be contributed to a kitty for further events. You cannot personally profit from the event)
  • Venues must be booked in the name of Home Education Network with yourself listed as the HEN volunteer and contact.
  • You must list your event on the HEN insurance register by emailling Linda at with the following details:
    • Name of HEN Volunteer
    • Email address
    • Venue name/location
    • Activity type: (e.g. teen meetups or science workshop)
    • Activity Date/frequency (e.g. Weekly)
    • Will parents stay? (note that if parents will not stay, facilitators require a WWCC if kids under 15)
    • Approx number of adults/children: e.g. 5A/10C
    • External teacher/s involved? yes/no.
    • Does your event include any unusually risky activities (eg, swimming, beach/pool activities, Rock-climbing, abseiling, flying fox, ropes courses, etc). If so, notify us at least a month beforehand and the details of the event need to be individually approved by our insurer.
    • For excursions to public venues (e.g. indoor rock-climbing, trampolining, skating) please ask about the operator’s public liability insurance and obtain a copy of their certificate of currency if possible. Forward it and/or their response to Linda.

Risky events:  Basically, anything sporty including swimming can be considered risky. Allow time – the insurer has to provide specific pre-approval for each such event. 

In Victoria, if you hire a facilitator, a Working With Children Check is required by law unless parents are present. These are free for volunteers – the application details are here

If you derive a profit from an event, it is not a HEN event and will not be covered by HEN insurance. 

Volunteer Accident Insurance

HEN Volunteers are also covered by our personal accident policy whenever acting on (or travelling to/from) HEN business. Volunteers need to be listed on the insurance register.

Work experience cover

HEN students undertaking work-experience can also be listed under this cover. For the relevant paperwork, contact Maria at

Professional Liability Insurance

External facilitators need their own Professional Liability Insurance.