Otherways is Australia’s longest running alternative education magazine, produced triannually by a team of HEN volunteers. Otherways supports you by bringing together an amazing collection of stories and advice from home educating families willing to share their experiences with others. This makes Otherways truly a community effort.

In each issue we endeavour to include a variety of stories from members sharing their own experiences. Have a closer look at some of our past features below.

A write up about regular groups or co-ops organised by home ed families.

Covering a learning area at home

A story or an interview with a home educated alumni

Do you have a favourite home ed resource that you and your child(ren) love?

An interview with, or a story written by a junior artist.

Here we like to showcase someone’s week of their home ed life.

Recaps of home ed events and activities.

Reflection on the end of a family’s home education journey.

Some of our other regular features in the magazine are:

  • Age of Reason – this regular section includes contributions from home educated teens aged 13 or over.
  • Home Ed Kids – includes contributions from home educated children under age 13.
  • Home Ed on the Road – stories of those travelling and home educating.
  • Home Ed Our Way / My Home Ed Style – what does home education look like for you and your family; do you have a particular ‘style’ and how does that work for you?
  • How I Started – families share why and how they started their home education journey and what they have discovered along the way
  • Additional needs – there are many families that choose to home educate because of their children’s unique needs.
  • Photos – In each issue we also need high quality photos for our cover pages, as well as photos from events and activities.

For more information on Otherways magazine, such as how to contribute, please see our information page.