The home education community is always full of events going on: groups meeting up at parks or excursion venues, classes that run for a few weeks or a term, or big events like camps. We can certainly put the ‘what about socialisation?’ concerns to rest, in fact many home educators will tell you their kids are over socialised and need to take a break from all the activities!

HEN maintains listings of groups, classes and events but we can only list those that we know about. As such, the listings on our website don’t reflect everything that’s happening so if you know of something going on that can be listed on our website, please get in touch.

Groups, classes and events are typically organised by home ed parents and we encourage everyone to have a turn at organising something. If you would like some pointers on how to run a group or activity, please see our advice on running a group or event. Questions and concerns related to groups or events you attend should be raised with the organiser.


Groups near you

HEN lists many groups in metro and regional Victoria, which you can access on our Groups page.


Classes and events

We also list one-off or recurring classes and events on our Events page.


HEN members email newsletter

Keep an eye out for your member newsletter, as we post updates and information on upcoming events.


Facebook groups

One of the best ways to find out what is running is by joining various Facebook groups. Although Facebook isn’t for everyone, it is really one of the best ways of staying in the home ed loop. Many event and group organisers can not keep people informed by other means, such as phone calls or email, so it really does pay to have a Facebook account to be notified of events such as last minute meetups at a playground. HEN runs the HEN Victoria Group and HEN Teen Families Vic for Victorian families. HEN members also have access to a private Facebook group.

Facebook is also used by local groups to coordinate activities, so if you have a Facebook account, chances are there are is a group or two, or more, that you can join. Please visit the Groups page, above, as some of the groups have provided a Facebook link.