Guidelines for HEN Event Attendees

The following guidelines are provided to help ensure a good time is had by all participants. The behaviour of your children reflects on home education. In participating in a HEN event, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to abide by these guidelines.


HEN events should be treated much as a family outing with other home ed families. Your children remain your responsibility at all times.

Respect for the environment: Please keep the venue tidy and make use of rubbish bins. Please assist in cleaning up communal areas and avoid causing damage of any kind.

Respect for OthersPlease be respectful of other participants – both with and apart from our group. In groups of people, it is inevitable that conflict will occasionally arise as different people have different needs and expectations. Learning to resolve conflict in larger groups is a valuable experience of home ed events. Please help children to learn positive conflict resolution skills.

Noise: Please be considerate of others.

Smokers: We respect your right to smoke but under no circumstances should children be exposed to passive smoke.

Alcohol: Alcohol consumption is to be kept to a minimum and No Underage Drinking (17 and under) will be tolerated.

Drugs: No illicit drugs are allowed

Dealing with Venue OwnersIf a problem arises which necessitates dealing with venue staff please advise the HEN organiser.

Damage: Any damage that occurs is to be reported as soon as practicable to the organiser. You may be charged for the costs of any repairs.

Accidents & Incidents: If an accident or incident should arise, as well as taking appropriate action to ensure the safety of all involved, please notify the organiser. Witnesses should assist the organiser to complete a HEN Incident Report which may be required for insurance/legal purposes.

The steps for dealing with negative behaviour

  1. Request the attendee to stop the behaviour. If the behaviour is causing clear and present danger take immediate and respectful action to ensure the safety of all.
  1. In the case of children, if the behaviour continues, the parent/s should be sought to intervene and support the children to reach a resolution.
  1. In the case of adults, ask the organiser for assistance with unresolved conflicts. Avoid troubling them with vexatious complaints.
  1. In the case of unresolved behaviour which affects the enjoyment of fellow participants, the organiser or their delegate reserves the right to ask participants to leave and/or to decline their booking for future events.

Refunds: It may not be possible to issue refunds for cancellations or early departures as, once booking numbers are confirmed, the organiser may be charged for your place even if you fail to attend.