HEN Event Organiser Guidelines

The following guidelines are provided to help make your role as activity or excursion organiser a positive experience and to help ensure a good time is had by all.

Hints on Running Camps and Events: See Anything is Possible. Also, give some thought to the age-group for your event, will parents also attend, will younger siblings be welcome, will they attend free if not actually participating.

Insurance: To be covered by HEN’s public liability insurance, please contact insurance.clerk@home-ed.vic.edu.au It DOES NOT directly cover participants for medical damages etc. nor does it cover adventure activities. Attendees should be advised that they undertake such activities at their own risk.

Advertising: Events an be advertised through Otherways Magazine (email editor@home-ed.vic.edu.au) on the website and in the weekly HEN email lsit (email calendar@home-ed.vic.edu.au Be sure to include all information potential attendees will need – description, date, time, place, cost, your contact details, closing date for bookings and any additional information relevant to your event.

Taking Bookings: Keep a record of names, contact details, number of attendees and payment information as people book in. Send them any information they will need together with the link to the HEN Guidelines for Attendees. You may wish to mention additional points that are particularly relevant to your event or venue.

Arrival: We recommend that you have attendees check in with you upon arrival. This is also an opportunity to welcome new families, and coordinate some introductions.

Supervision: The HEN Attendees Guidelines remind families that they retain full responsibility for their children. It is usual practice for parents to stay at home ed events. If for some reason, this will not work for your event, make sure parents are aware of this issue beforehand and whether the event must be run by someone with a current Working With Children Check.

Damage: Please keep a record of any damage and negotiate with the venue owners to reach a satisfactory conclusion. Any attendee causing damage may be charged repair costs not covered by insurance but make it clear that it remains the parent’s responsibility to supervise their children or appoint someone to do so.  

Problems and Disputes: Should a dispute arise, please do your best to resolve the issue being respectful of all parties.

Incidents/accidents: Should an incident or accident arise, as well as taking appropriate action for the safety of all concerned, please fill in a HEN Incident Report Form as it may be required for insurance/legal purposes.

All the best with your event

The HEN committee