Discounts Available to HEN Members

A HEN membership includes discounted access to popular programs that cover many learning areas, as well as four issues a year of Otherways, Australia’s own home ed magazine. HEN membership options are priced at $25 and $45 for an annual subscription. To learn more please visit our membership page.

We are pleased to present our members with the following discounts and we are always adding more. If there’s a program you would like HEN to investigate for discounted access, or if you are a provider who would like to discuss offering your products to HEN members at a discount, please use our contact form to get in touch or email

HEN members: to access instructions and discounts listed below, please log in to your HEN member account and select ‘discounts’ under the Members Menu.


Programs and resources covering multiple learning areas

    Next Level Homeschool

    A wide range of subject areas where weekly classes are done in your own time. Academic content is presented in an engaging manner, using audio and video. Students choose from a selection of hands-on assignments. Feedback is provided and you can opt to have work graded. Some classes progress in levels and younger gifted kids are able to work at a higher grade level.

    HEN discount: 10% off all classes except Scientific Method.


    Comprehensive and engaging educational platform to develop maths and coding skills. Mangahigh offers thousands of exciting and engaging maths games to ensure understanding of maths concepts and build further depth of knowledge. Aimed at children of 5-16 years old and uses an adaptive platform to ensure each child is challenged at their level.

    HEN discount: 25% discount on annual memberships.


    Skwirk helps busy home educators cover the Australian curriculum whilst fostering independent learning and recording student progress. Skwirk is easy to navigate through subject, topic and chapter and can be used as an integrated program for six key subject areas or as a springboard for further discussion and revision. Skwirk features over 18,000 teacher designed resources across six core subjects.

    HEN discount: 50% off.


    Numeracy, literacy, languages, science, art, music, brain games and personalised learning challenges. Draws from thousands of learning activities to provide a mix of new concepts, along with revision work. The Skoolbo Voice Analyzer recognises what children say when reading or completing speech and vocabulary activities. Reports assist parents with monitoring areas their child is having difficulty with.

    HEN discount: 80% off annual subscription.

    Future School

    Focuses on maths and English. Future School provides your child with full access to thousands of tutoring videos, worksheets, practice material, tests and live support from qualified teachers six days a week, with a personalised study plan for each child. Students can learn at their own pace with easy-to-follow video tutorials. Comprehensive reporting helps parents track progress and monitor areas of difficulty.

    HEN discount: 35% off.

    R.I.C. Publications

    Covering a wide variety of key learning areas for the primary schools years in both digital and hardcopy formats, R.I.C. Publications produces educational resources such as student workbooks and activity boxes that are designed to encourage creativity, reasoning, problem solving, questioning, analysis and interpretation of data, higher order thinking skills and more.

    HEN discount: 10% discount on everything.


    Maths, English, science and more. Providing online educational activities for students aged 4 to 12, mapped to the curriculum. Receive access to thousands of tutorials and practical lessons.

    HEN discount: sign up for a premium subscription (@$88 per family) and pay for 12 months, then contact Studyladder to receive 18 months, providing your HEN member number.

    The IXL Australian edition covers P12 English and Maths. Each account has access to both subjects, and comes with an instructor login. Sign up closes 25th September 2021

    HEN discount: Yearly subscription for $25 available in the shop to HEN Members (Oct-Sep)



      A language-learning resource with videos and accompanying practice exercises with material for learners at all levels. The videos all make use of interactive subtitles to ensure understanding and allow users to save material for later review. The languages are Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, French, English, German, Japanese, Italian, Korean and Russian.

      HEN discount: $29 per year (Sep-Aug), per student.


      A modern Greek language e-learning program with structured step-by-step lessons. Integrated with Greek mythology, history, and culture. Thousands of games, videos, and interactive activities as well as speech recognition software to practice speaking Greek. Includes tools and settings that enable parents to monitor their child's progress.

      HEN discount: 50% off annual premium plan.



        Supports learning for K-12. As students mature, so does the program, providing updated visuals, challenges, interactive and activities. Progress tracking and reporting helps your children gain mastery over maths topics. Extensive library of printable eBooks, access to conceptual and activity videos, courses with scheduling capabilities to plan ahead, customisation capabilities, real-time marking and automated reports.

        HEN discount: $38 per student (half price).


        For K-12. Students learn at their own pace at any time. Results are recorded so that you and your child can monitor progress. Each of the 1,400+ MathsOnline tutorials last around 4-9 minutes and present the concepts of the lesson step-by-step. Using synchronised audio and animation which harnesses both audio and visual learning styles. Following each tutorial there are interactive questions or an optional printable worksheet and summary.

        HEN discount: 50% off program price.


        ABC Mathseeds teaches kids aged 3-9 the core maths and problem solving skills with fun, highly interactive and rewarding lessons. Mathseeds combines highly structured lessons with fun motivational elements that keep children engaged and keen to learn. Each lesson is carefully structured to build early mathematical skills. Once a lesson is complete, it can be repeated as many times as needed. Rewards can be used to add items to the child’s treehouse or avatar.

        HEN discount: flat rate of $40.


          Readiwriter Spelling

          Readiwriter Spelling focuses on explicit instruction of phonology, orthography, morphology and etymology to help spell unfamiliar words and to create confident spellers.

          Grades P-6, though you can make your own spelling lists, so older students have been able to use it too.

          HEN discount: $16 per child.


          ABC Reading Eggs

          A reading program covering the five pillars of reading: phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency. Includes a range of online reading lessons, activities and books that teach literacy skills. A family package is also available includes all five online education programs for up to 4 children: (ABC Reading Eggs Junior, ABC Reading Eggs, ABC Reading Eggspress, Fast Phonics and ABC Mathseeds) This will reduce the cost to $99.99 for the Family Subscription. Sign up as for Reading Eggs.

          HEN discount: 40% off program price.

          Touch Type Read & Spell

          A highly accessible typing program that teaches spelling and reading. Suitable for users with dyslexia. TTRS is modular in design and contains 24 levels with 31 modules in each level. Student success is encouraged by immediate feedback and positive reinforcement. HEN members can subscribe for AU$124.99 (usually $175) for an individual user and AU$299 (usually $350) for a family.

          HEN discount: As above.

          Phonics Hero

          Phonics Hero teaches children how to read and spell with each of the critical 44 sounds in the English language. Games build student's reading and spelling skills gradually before they attempt the skill independently. 26 levels teach your child to read and spell. Parents can monitor progress. Lively and varied synthetic phonics games.

          HEN discount: 50% off annual subscriptions.


          An online literacy library filled with stories, lessons, fun activities and over 600 modules of educational content. Online resources are broken up into a Preschool section (ages 3-5), a Developing Literacy section (Foundation/Prep to Year 2, ages 5-8), and an Extending Literacy section, (Years 3 to 6, ages 8-12). HEN member discount includes full access to the online literacy library.

          HEN discount: 50% discount.

          The Arts


            Popular with home educators, Artventure is aimed at primary school learners. Lessons are 8-12 minutes each. Each lesson is rated from 1 (easy) to 5 (difficult) so the kids can pick and choose what they feel like doing. Each video comes complete with a lesson page. On the lesson page you'll see the artwork image, links to primary curriculum, learning notes for the kids to answer/think about and artwork tips.

            HEN discount: 35% off.


            Are Eye Deer

            From the creators of Artventure, Art Eye Deer is a library of video lessons for young people and adults to learn to enhance their art skills. Watch a video lesson then use the pause points and follow along step-by-step or use the lesson as inspiration. Art Eye Deer provides the building blocks to become truly independent with art. Each lesson is rated from 1 (less complex) to 5 (more complex).

            HEN discount: 35% off.


            Music Ecademy

            Music Ecademy is an online learning resource that teaches music theory and aural skills in a fun and engaging way through interactive lessons, quizzes and games. It follows the curriculum of the music examining boards used in Australia, and is also aligned with the Australian school curriculum. Perfect for both school music and for anyone learning a musical instrument.

            HEN discount: $49per child (save $50).


            The Virtual Instructor

            Individual video lessons and courses available in drawing and painting as well as live lessons and lesson plans. Some are free others require membership.

            HEN discount: 30% off a membership.



            The Artory online art courses are for juniors (5-9 years), tweens (9-14 years) and teens (14-17 years). Each online art course contains 6 high-quality video classes (both drawing and painting with watercolour). Students follow along step-by-step with award-winning artist Anne Smerdon to create 6 different frame-worthy artworks. Each artwork takes 1-2 hours to complete and doesn’t require any help from an adult, so parents this is your time to relax and unwind while your kids create their masterpieces.

            HEN discount: 20% off a any kids courses.


            Science, Engineering, Design and Technology

              Stile Cosmos

              Stile Science for years 7-10 aims to engage students in science with interactive units based on real world news that they can relate to. Every unit of work in Stile is set in the context of real-world science discoveries and events, helping spark conversation and debate. Every lesson is scaffolded from lower- to higher-order thinking, helping to ensure that every student is challenged at their level. New resources added every month.

              HEN discount: $44 per child.


              Stile (Double Helix)

              For years 5-6, Double Helix Lessons from CSIRO cover a huge range of science, design, engineering and technology topics. Topics are taught in the context of recent science news, bringing real-world relevance to every lesson. Every unit is guided by a relevant and relatable expert, showcasing a wide range of careers. Engaging science news stories provide context and opportunities for collaboration and scientific discussion.

              HEN discount: $17 per child.



              Hosted by TV presenter and former CSIRO scientist, Dr Rob Bell, Experimentary is filled with experiments, lesson plans and reporting tools. A platform to help you plan and illustrate science principles, oversee student-driven experiments and track comprehension. The motto is “online and hands-on” because it is all about getting kids to learn by doing. Free trials for home educators.

              HEN discount: 30% off annual subscription.


              Curious Correspondence

              The Curious Correspondence club Initiation Collection and Adventure Collection bundles each include three exciting puzzle challenges designed for teens and above. There are lesson plans to go along with the Initiation Collection which may be of interest.

              HEN discount: 15% off any the Collection bundles (3-pack bundles only).



              Arludo's 8-week program turns your child into a scientist! Using bespoke apps and games, your child will collect data with others in real time and watch it appear in their worksheets to explore. As they play and interact with the choose-your-own-adventure videos, your child will improve their critical thinking while learning to explore and analyse data - all while learning about the living world! The program matches the Australian Curriculum and is suitable for students from school year 3 and up.

              HEN discount: 15% off


              Grok Grok Learning: Coding courses and challenges that home ed kids can enter. Choose individual products or subscribe. Caters to beginners or students who have more experience with coding.

              HEN discount: 30% discount.


              Humanities and the Social Sciences


                An easy to read, informative introduction to world news. Written and edited in an uncomplicated and easy to understand style, it is produced in both British and American English. HEN members can now access a twelve month subscription by following the details in the members menu. Includes newspaper (in both PDF and HTML format), activities/worksheets, answer key, and archive.

                HEN discount: Approximately $30 off full rates.


                national geographic

                National Geographic Kids is a magazine packed full of fascinating facts, puzzles and breath-taking imagery about the environment, animals, history and culture. Annual Print Subscription Sign up closes 25th September 2021

                HEN discount: $55 per subscription (Oct-Sep)


                Equipment, materials and additional resources

                  Microscopes Australia

                  Microscopes Australia is offering HEN members a discount on four of their microscopes: Optico N2000M Biological Microscope; Optico N2000B Binocular Microscope; Optico N120 Biological Microscope and the N120MT Microscope & Digital Camera Bundle. Please note that the discount does not apply to any other product including their microscope bundle packages. Based in Perth.

                  HEN discount: 15% off the above four microscopes.



                  The LOGICO program consists of two levels targeting specific but overlapping age groups and ability levels: LOGICO Primo (ages 3-6 years) and LOGICO Piccolo (ages 5-9 years). Each version contains an answer board and a series of topics with 16 corresponding learning cards. Students work through each topic, card by card. As the difficulty level increases so does the amount of text and number of questions per card.

                  HEN discount: 15% off storewide.


                  Lotta Magazine

                  Lotta is a great Australian kids magazine for 5-10 year old kids that is full of school holiday activities. It is Australia’s first ad-free kids magazine. Each issue is based around a theme — Decorating, Nature, Recycling, Animal, The Sea, When I Grow up, Fright, History, Space, Colour, Secrets, Travel and Story — and are packed with a lot of ideas for school holiday fun. These include art ideas, craft activities, game ideas and other activities.

                  HEN discount: 15% off everything.


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