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VCE is not necessary for university entrance. You can read more about pathways to higher education on our Pathways to TAFE and University page.

If however you do want to do VCE you can enrol in a regular school, or consider the following options.


VCE via Virtual School Victoria (VSV)

Formerly known as Distance Education Centre Victoria/DECV. Home educated teenagers who have been registered for home education with the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) for at least 12 months are eligible to undertake year 10 and/or VCE via VSV without meeting any of the usual criteria. To enrol under this category students must:

  • Be under 17
  • Have been registered with the VRQA as a home educated student for at least 12 months
  • Deregister with the VRQA (i.e. officially cease home education)
  • Enrol with VSV full time for the VCE, where you are also required to undergo a VSV supervised Year 10 assessment as part of the enrolment process.

Please direct all questions about VSV to

Contact details:
Virtual School Victoria
Tel: 03 8480 0000
Toll Free: 1800 133 511
Fax: 03 9416 8493
Email: feedback@vsv.vic.edu.au


VCE via the Access Yea Community Education Program (AYCE)

The AYCE program follows the standard Victorian school curriculum (years 7-12). It is pen to all but only requires on-campus attendance once a week with the work completed at home. It is a popular transition program for home educators and also for students looking for a halfway point between regular school and home education. The main campus is at Yea High School but there are others. Many home ed students use this program as a transition to formal study.

Please direct all questions about AYCE to

Yea High School
Racecourse Road, Yea, VIC. 3717
Tel: 03 5797 2207
Fax: 03 5797 2931
Email: yea.hs@edumail.vic.gov.au


VCE via Centre for Adult Education (CAE)

CAE offers over 80 VCE subjects that can be done either full time or part time. Students have to be 17 or over.  Students can learn in an adult environment, day or evening. CAE offers VCE units 1, 2, 3 and 4 or single subjects.

Please direct all questions about CAE to

Tel: 03 9652 0611
Toll free 1800 601 111 (outside Melbourne)
CAE’s VCE website


TAFE Gippsland VCE

Students have to be over 18 for the 10 month option listed on their website, but they do also have year 11 and 12 online. Course are closed for 2022.

Please direct all questions to
TAFE Gippsland VCE information
Tel: 1300 133 717


VCE via TAFE, Neighbourhood houses, Adult Community Centres

Many TAFEs and other Adult Community Centres and even neighbourhood houses offer VCE. Age requirements vary but when enrolment numbers are down, institutions are sometimes more flexible. In some instances, these institutions run the course themselves, others are facilitators of Distance Ed in which case students attend a couple of times a week and complete work at home. Experiences with neighbourhood houses vary a lot depending on the particular staff and student group you get in with. You will have to contact your local neighbourhood houses or adult community centre, or the TAFE you are considering.



Chisholm offer alternative options to secondary school. (Year 10, VCAL and VCE) More information can be found here. Also have a look at their website for more information about other courses they provide that can be done instead of VCE.



Has a Foundation Access Studies Program (FAST) which accept students who have not done Y12. This 1 semester course will guarantee entry into a wide range of Federation University Australia Higher Education programs at degree level.



CQ University have the SUN program. It is a program that allows secondary school students to study up to 4 undergraduate units for minimal cost (in fact the first unit is free). If students successfully complete one or more units, they may use these for direct entry into selected CQU courses.

Home educating students are eligible to apply (disregard requirements of reports from schools, letter from principal, etc outlined on the website).

 To apply home school students need to:

  • Complete the SUN application form
  • Provide evidence of home school registration
  • Write a letter outlining why completing a SUN unit will help further their education/achieve their goals
  • Home educated students will most likely need to complete skills testing for English and Maths to ensure these are at a sufficient level for tertiary study.

 Students can do up to 4 undergraduate units as part of SUN.

Study is 100% online.

 Cost: First unit is FREE, subsequent units cost $375/unit.

 Direct Entry – successful completion of SUN unit/s allows direct entry into select CQU undergraduate degrees.



OTEN is the NSW version of distance ed and offers HSC. They do accept students from interstate as long as they have a year 10 certificate and are at least 15 years old. As Victorian schools don’t have a year 10 certificate, if you’ve left school at that level ask if your year 10 school is sufficient. See their website for eligibility criteria. TAFE NSW website



VCAL online is available through Box Hill Institute at foundation, intermediate and senior levels. For more information, please visit Box Hill VCAL information

VCAL is also offered by Hester Hombrook as a youth re-engagement program.