Lobbying and VHEAC

HEN’s strong lobbying keeps the Victorian legal requirements reasonable and was instrumental in the formation of the Victorian Home Education Advisory Committee (VHEAC) through which we’ve worked with the VRQA and DET to:

HEN is currently working with DET to resolve the problems with VET funding access for home educators.

Member Support


From 2015, HEN surveys have helped ensure HEN acts in the interests of our members; they now provide the most comprehensive data set on home education in Australia. HEN’s Alumni Survey is the largest such work ever undertaken in Australia.


HEN’s website is the go-to resource for home ed information and events. We also produce pamphlets, resources such as the HEN Guide to Fiction and run a help service.

We take part in regular media pieces on home education.

We contracted with DET to provide the 2015 Distance Education Victoria materials to Victorian home educators free.


HEN facilitates networking by providing information on groups and events, and insurance for them.

HEN has been around a long time and will continue to support home education into the future