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Work Experience

Home ed kids can undertake work experience – in Victoria you or your parent just need to approach an employer and set it up with them. In other states, your homeschool inspector, moderator or authorised person may be able to assist.The Victorian Dept of Education’s work experience page contains information and a form which you may find useful or members can use HEN’s work experience form instead.

There is a Safe@Work module that school students are required to complete before undertaking work experience.

For students aged under 15, it is necessary for the employer to have a ‘child employment permit‘ and for anyone working directly with the child to have ‘working with children’ permit.
The minimum age for work experience is 14.


HEN Students:
Work experience for HEN students can be covered under our insurance policy. Email to have the work experience form sent to you. We can usually rush the paperwork through for you within a week but do appreciate more time if possible (remember we are volunteers).
Non-HEN students:
  • Schools are required to have $10 million in public liability insurance in order for students to undertake work experience. The Education Department advises that it is not necessary for home educators to take out Work Experience Insurance because ‘home schools’ are not included in the definition of ‘schools’ in the Education Act.
  • The Education Department has also advised that as long as work experience kids are paid a notional wage, they are covered by WorkSafe. Any queries on WorkSafe should be directed to the Worksafe Advisory Service.
  • Students are also covered by the public liability insurance on the workplace.
  • The Public Liability insurance attached to some home and contents insurance policies includes cover for volunteer work in the community – check your policy
  • If you wish to join HEN, your work-experience could be covered by our policy


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