HEN’s advocacy history

HEN has a long and proud history of standing up for home educators’ rights in Victoria.

Documents obtained under Freedom of Information during our regulations campaign confirm HEN’s continued advocacy has been very effective in keeping legal requirements reasonable over the years. Amongst reasons noted for the lower regulation in Victoria compared to other states is:

Homeschooling advocates have been influential in their resistance to any moves to strengthen regulation or monitoring of home schooling.

Excerpt from VRQA Board documents obtained under Freedom of Information

School Can’t Advocacy

In 2023 HEN conducted a survey on School Can’t (School Refusal). This survey was conducted in response to a request for HEN to appear as witnesses in the Senate Inquiry into School Refusal and Related Matters. Read our report HEN Survey for the Senate Inquiry into The National Trend of School Refusal and Related Matters.

The History of Home Education in Victoria

HEN has been instrumental in Victoria being one of the easier states for home education. We encourage Victorian home educators to learn about the history of home ed in Victoria by reading our Victorian Home Education History page.

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