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Join us at Scienceworks, on 1st March 2024, for an excursion about Space.

Blast Off: How Rockets Work
Students will be able to discover how rockets work and find out about the forces involved in getting rockets into space.
Students will also examine the effect of space travel on the body and learn what it is like to live in micro-gravity conditions.
This show explains the main principle of rocket propulsion using many demonstrations and the famous Newtonian law of ‘equal and opposite forces’. The show also covers the history of rockets and how astronauts train and live in a weightless environment.

Tycho Goes To Mars
Students will join Tycho on an adventure and learn all about the major features of Mars, including the ancient volcano Olympus Mons and the canyons of the Valles Marineris. Tycho is in search of water to fly his steam-powered space kennel back home. But how will he find water on Mars, when it looks so cold, dusty and dry?
Luckily, he discovers a new friend, Oppy, who is all too eager to help. Oppy – the NASA rover, Opportunity – has lots of experience exploring Mars and hunting for water. She is thrilled to share her knowledge of the red planet with a fellow space explorer.

All Planetarium shows conclude with a staff guided ‘What’s in the sky tonight’ presentation.
Suitable for Years One to Four

Unfortunately, no younger or older siblings will be able to attend the Blast Off: How Rocket’s Work session. However, Tycho Goes to the Moon is suitable for all.

** Any adults and additional children attending this part of the program will need to have entry to Scienceworks ($15 per adult) and a ticket to the planetarium ($10 per person) to be paid on the day, at the admissions desk.

Limited to 30 students.

Cost $18 per student. Please bring cash on the day or you may transfer to me.

Please arrive at 11.15am at the Schools Entry. Scienceworks has requested that we not bring large bags as they do not have a great deal of room to store them.
11.30am Tycho Goes to Mars
12.30pm Blast Off: How Rockets Work
From 1pm, we can enjoy lunch together (pack your own or purchase at the cafe) and then explore Scienceworks.


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If you would love to attend but are having trouble with the cost, please message me.

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