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Otherways is the longest running alternative education magazine in Australia.
Published quarterly, it is available in print and digital editions.
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  • 162 Digital


    Digital Edition

    • Technology
    • Sustainability in clothes
    • Home Education and Birds
    • What Does Your Day Look Like?
    • Organising Excursions
    • Brilliant Litter Stoppers

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  • 161 Digital


    Digital Copy

    • Beginning in High School
    • School Recovery
    • Deschooling
    • Camps
    • Teen Art Inspiration
    • Self Care

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  • 160 Otherways


    Digital Copy

    • Educating Teens
    • The Positives of Being Reviews
    • Adversity: Life, home education, cancer and travels
    • A Teacher’s Perspective
    • The STAT and SAT tests –
    • Envision Hands
    • The Effectiveness of Home Education
    • Vale John Barratt-Peacock
    • The Expert Home Educator
    • Indigenous Picture Books by Jeanie Clark
    • Photos from Medieval Camp, Lorne Camp and Not Back to School Party

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  • 159 Otherways Digital

    • Gameschooling
    • Mock Elections
    • VCE Single Subject
    • Working Together
    • Tales from the Helpline
    • Tech School Workshops
    • Sam’s Marvellous Melbourne
    • HEN Survey Results
    • Beyond Home
    • Indigenous Languages Year

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  • Other Ways to Uni and Careers


    Home ed students have a wide choice of pathways to university and careers and have been accepted into every university in Australia. They can tackle university courses whenever they are ready – from as young as age 13, right through to studying as mature-age students.

    Find out how in this 68pp booklet written by home ed veteran Sue Wight.

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  • 158 Otherways Digital

    • Ending home education
    • Physical Disability
    • Reading Tales
    • Coral Reefs
    • Google Calendar for Organisation
    • Homeschool Gazette
    • Swan Hill Camp
    • Certificate Pathways
    • Neighbourhood Centres
    • Your First Job

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  • 157 Otherways Digital

    • Family Values and Time
    • Motorkhana
    • Then and Now
    • Oklahoma reviews and photos
    • Reflections on Home Ed
    • First Robotics
    • Creativity and Zero Waste
    • Otherways from Us to You

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  • 156 Otherways Digital

    • Empower Kids
    • Wild by Nature
    • You You’re Home Educating When…
    • Reviews Guide
    • Excursions, Camps, Co-ops
    • Never Forget Australia
    • Not Back to School Party

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  • 155 Otherways Digital

    • Living Science
    • Co-ops
    • Volunteering with Sailability
    • You know you’re in the Outback when…
    • Adjusting to the new regs
    • Lego League

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  • 154 Otherways Digital


    New legal requirements
    Home educating teens
    A good day
    Community engagement
    Sov Hill report and photos

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  • Otherways 153 Digital


    August 2017

    Mental Health, Home Education and Happiness  by Belinda Lee
    Educating Claudia by Kerstin Scheel
    Coburg Fun and Excursions
    Home ed Our Way by Sarah McLachlan
    Toward Zero Waste by Rolf Harbinger
    An Absence of Leave by Pavlina McMaster
    Science Camp Photos by Belinda Cowie
    Coburg Hot Glue by Nicci Duffy

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  • 152 Otherways Digital


    May 2017

    The Greatest Gift by Pavlina McMaster
    Regulations update
    Submission by a seventeen-year-old
    Making home ed groups welcoming
    Road schooling by Yasmine Davy Watts
    The Home ed scene for teens by Kirsty James

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