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October 5, 2018
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October 8, 2018
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Partnered Home Educators & Centrelink

Partnered home educators may be eligible for:

  • Family Tax Benefit Part A and Part B.
  • Once your child reaches the minimum school starting age for your state, if you are geographically isolated, your child has specific learning needs or medical issues (including anxiety, depression, bullying, family trauma, ill parent), you may be eligible for Assistance for Isolated Children a substantial payment which is not income or assets tested and does not affect your Family Tax Benefit.
  • Parenting Payment or Newstart (see below)

With Children Aged Under Six

  • You may be eligible to receive Parenting Payment Partnered up until the time your youngest child turns six years old.
  • ParentsNext is a compulsory program for some parents on Parenting Payment which involves activities to plan for education and employment after children reach age six. It involves participation requirements planning towards education or employment after children reach age six. Registered home education is a valid exemption from the ParentsNext program. In most states, if your child is under six, you can’t register. However, if you are home educating an older child and asked to do ParentsNext for a younger one, you are exempt. The exemption is for 12 months and requires a copy of your registration certificate/letter. See page 8 of the Parents Next Exemption Guidelines.  If the exemption is declined, complain to the Department of Jobs and Small Business.
  • When your child turns six, your Parenting Payment will cease and you will be required to apply for Jobseeker Payment.

With Children Aged Six to 15

  • Jobseeker is the only payment available in normal circumstances, and involves Mutual Obligation Requirements, which are looking for work, working, studying or volunteering for a specific number of hours and reporting these activities each fortnight.
  • Home education is a valid exemption from the Mutual Obligation Requirements.  To have the exemption approved, parents must upload their registration confirmation certificate/letter to their My Gov account. They should call Centrelink to notify them this has occurred and request the Homeschooling Exemption be applied. Centrelink will then assess the evidence to determine eligibility for the exemption.
  • Payments are calculated for 12 months from the date of application. You then need to supply updated registration evidence each year using the same process.
  • Some Centrelink staff are unaware this exemption category exists. We advise home educators who are having any difficulties to print off the exemptions information from DHS.
  • Despite the exemption you will still need to “report” each fortnight.

When your youngest child turns 16 you may lose your payment/s and your teenager may not be eligible for Youth Allowance.
See Home Ed, Centrelink and Kids Aged 16+

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1 Comment

  1. Natasha says:

    I’m a Homeschool mother to my sons 10 &; 13, my 10yr Old has Dyslexia &; My 13yr Old has Severe ASD/Aspergers and I had to pull them out of school due to the school making promises to help them but not having enough staff to cover their needs.
    Every year the schools get a payment for each child enrolled + they get more of a child has a learning disability, so I feel that a a Homeschool mother I should get the money that the school would normally get to cover the costs of Educating my sons.
    My 10yr Old has an IQ of 79 &; wants to have his own Computer Software Company one day as he already foxes Peoples Software from all over the world on our PC, My 13yr Old has an IQ of 112 & wants to Be. movie Producer as he does this already Via his iPad,
    They both have come a long way in the past year of Homeschooling. I feel all Homeschool Parents deserve more then the $100 – $150 Vouchers that are available.

    I’m willing to organise a Petition to help raise this concern to the Appropriate Personal.
    Over the next 2 days I will draw up a Legal Document for all to fill in &; linking it to the The Page Called: Homeschool Funding Australia Petition
    Unless everyone wants t9 do or by filling out a form I can email to everyone: Contact me via
    🔆 I will attach a linked document for people to:
    🌟 Name (first + Last)
    🌟 How Many Kids Your Homeschooling + Why you Chose to Homeschool
    🌟 Reason why you feel their should be Homeschool Funding for Parents
    🌟 Country + Suburb/Town, Sign &; Date

    Sorry but if we get enough information from the start then The Education Department &; The Prime Minister can’t pick at it and ask why we feel we are Obligated to be Eligible for the Funding like the Schools do

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