Home education worries

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September 2, 2015
Home Education and Children with Disabilities and Diverse Learning Needs
September 2, 2015
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Home education worries

What problems can arise?

You are seriously considering home education but wondering, “There must be a downside that they aren’t telling me about.”
Of course home education brings its own problems – but doesn’t parenting in general? Life is an inherently challenging process and we are not promising you a bed of roses! Home education will neither solve all your problems nor mean you never have to worry about your kids again. There will be problems, there may be difficult times.

A decision to home educate should be an informed one so you need to know what the possible pitfalls are. You then have to weigh up school problems against the problems that others have experienced with home education and how likely those problems are for you.
Although a decision to home educate is not going to save you from every worry in life, always remember that if you get to stage where home education is just too stressful and school looks an easier option, you can always make that decision – kids do go in and out of school at every stage.

The articles in our Concerns section will cover many of the issues you are concerned about but if you have concerns not covered here, feel free to email help@home-ed.vic.edu.au for information.

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