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November 7, 2016
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November 7, 2016
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Education in a remote Indiginous community
Tailoring an education
A non-academic’s story
Australian History

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  • Tailoring an Education by Christine Umbers
  • Home-ed Our Way by Cheryl Dedman
  • I Thought of Myself as a Non-academic (an interview with Dion Sing)
  • Australian Adventures by Belinda Cowie
  • Readathon Report by Grace Ephraums
  • Volunteering by Paul Hunt
  • Building the Cumquat by Patrick Jones
  • Kryal Castle Camp Photospread by Dora Berenyi
  • Lessons in a Remote Community by Catherine Cole
  • An Education by Anunaki Holmes
  • Kryal Castle Camp Report by Belinda Cowie
  • More alumni details
  • Our Pulses and the World by Jeanie Clark

Plus regular sections:

  • Age of Reason (by and for home ed teenagers)
  • Home Ed Kids
  • Meeshi’s column

Free to members on the Direct Download page

Published Nov 2016



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