What can we do?

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May 24, 2020
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What can we do?

Here’s what you can currently do:



Continue to comply with over-arching requirements: 

  • Practice good hand hygiene
  • Stay home if anyone in the family is unwell
  • Adults must remain 1.5 metres from people you don’t live with.
  • Indoor events must have 4 square metres per person.

From Midnight 8th July

Metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire

If you live in these areas, do not organise or attend home ed gatherings until the restrictions are lifted. There are only four reasons that you can leave home: shopping for food and essential items; to provide care giving or to seek medical treatment; for exercise; to work or study, if you cannot work or study from home. You cannot have visitors or visit friends and family who live at another household, except for caregiving or compassionate reasons or providing services. More details.

The Rest of Victoria

The current restrictions apply to home ed events are as follows:

Kids’ Sporting Events

Numbers are not limited for children’s gym, dance, sports (including contact sports), training and competitions provided all participants are 18 years old or younger and

  • At outdoor venues, parents MUST physically distance from each other, should be in groups of no more than 10 people and spread out around the ground or venue.
  • For indoor events, limit the adults in attendance to the trainer/supervisor and parents who absolutely need to be there to support their child. Any such parents must physically distance themselves.

Limit 100 people

  • HEN has Zoom available to members who wish to organise online gatherings of any length.
    Contact swight@home-ed.vic.edu.au with the details of what you want to run.

Limit 20 people

  • Indoor and outdoor sport and exercise activities which involve both adults and kids are allowed if participants can keep 1.5 metres between them and there are no more than 20 people participating, or no more than 10 participants in a class.
  • Organised non-contact competitions are allowed for all age groups if participants can keep 1.5 metres between them.
  • Group lessons at community centres with 20 people in each separate space (plus those required to operate the facility). One person per four square metres.

Limit 10 people

  • Social Gatherings: Indoor or outdoor events/meetups/activities.

Limit 5 people

  • Limit of 5 visitors to your home.

Ways to run compliant events 

  • Organise events where parents can supervise from a distance (or from their cars) e.g. soccer field.
  • Set up events with an RSVP so you know how many are coming.
  • Keep a list of attendees and contact details so that contact tracing can be done if necessary. You can destroy the list a month after the event.
  • Hire a venue with more than one space and have a group of 10 in each.
  • Run co-ops with a morning and afternoon session
  • Hold events with an indoor space and an outdoor space – 10 people each. Perhaps you could swap halfway. Avoid mixing the groups.
  • Parents MUST retain the responsibility for their own children.

Further information on current Victorian restrictions can be found here

Other States

Check the current rules at

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