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January 30, 2018
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COVID-19 Articles

COVID-19 has seen the student population of Australia learning from home. Home education has therefore received an unprecedented amount of media attention, although remote learning (where parents supervise learning with school support and direction) has often been conflated with home education (where parents are fully responsible).

Articles fell into three categories:

Home education as a result of COVID-19

Home ed tips for remote learners

Remote learning













  • Home Truths About School, Whitney Harris, Bendigo Advertiser, November 28
  • Love’s Harvest The Scott family, HEN members, featured in one of the Love’s Harvest documentaries
  • Maldon Young Scientist Shines, The Castlemaine Mail, September 12
  • More Learn at Home, Stacey Pevitt, The Standard, August 26
  • In a Different Class, Dave Tacon, The Age, (Sunday Life) June 1





  • Home Learning for Kids Too Scared for School, M Alexander, Sunday Mail, June 13


  • Ruling Clears the Way for School at Home,Belinda Heggen, The Advertiser (Adelaide)
  • Labour of love for their mum, Peninsula Leader, October 9
  • Maths Makes Mates, The Australian, March 20


  • Labour of love for their mum, Mornington Peninsula Leader, October 9
  • Ruling clears the way for school at home, (Adelaide) The Advertiser
  • Learning on the Ross dairy farm, Luke Mullane, Ballarat Courier, May 17
  • Sometimes school isn’t the answer, Lyn Loxton (letter in the Age?) April
  • Maths Makes Mates, David Nason, The Australian, March 20


  • School’s in at home, Michelle Edmunds, The Herald Sun, August 17


  • Home education spreading, (Wangaratta) The Chronicle, November 17
  • Sunday Life article on home education (September?) portrayed home education as “weird and wonderful”
  • Homespun Wisdom, Alan Thomas, The Australian, September 20
  • Home Learning the permaculture way, (re Bev Paine and family), Permaculture International Journal, Sept-Nov


  • My home school, Clare Cole, The Australian Women’s Weekly, July
  • Different school of thought, Anna Malbon, Progress Press, June 8
  • Do it yourself education, Genevieve Lally, The Herald Sun, May 9
  • Thomas, 15, is off to uni – without a HSC, Hornsby Advocate, February 25
  • From blackboard jungle to livingroom learning, Natalia Cuthbertson


  • Doing their Homework & School’s in as kids gather around the couch, Naomi Morriss , The Geelong Advertiser, November 20.


  • Children educated at home don’t learn like they do in school – Alan Thomas on Ockam’s Razor, November 24
  • Going to school at the kitchen table, Gabrielle Hodson, The Ballarat Courier, September 7
  • Homes of the brave, John Watts, The Age (Education), August 20
  • Mums meet the challenge, Merrilee Lowe, The Bendigo Advertiser, August 17
  • Home Schoolers thrill elderly, The Courier, Ballarat, July 6
  • Family favors home schooling, Leigh Parry, Knox News, June 25


  • A Home-grown scholarship boy, Mark Scott, The Sydney Morning Herald, July
  • Shooting for the educational stars, Julia Boxx (home educating parent of the scholarship boy above) The Sydney Morning Herald, July 
  • Home schooling’s photo finish, Maria Harris, Progress Press (home educated Holly Cole wins Premier’s Award for Studio Arts)
  • Electronics takes Emma to the navy, (Wangaratta? Chronicle, April 5


  • Never a Schoolboy, The University of Queensland Graduate Contact Winter (on PhD lecturer in psychology Rex Newsome)
  • Home classes can school your child, Lynne Holroyd, The Herald Sun, February 8
  • Home school background a factor in maths award,  Matt Robbins, The Australian,  January 26


  • On course to a bright future, Michael Ryan, Sunday Herald Sun, July 25
  • ome is where the classroom is, Sunday Herald Sun, July 25 (feature)
  • Corbett kids get ‘proper’ education at home, The Standard (Weekend Magazine), April 10
  • School’s in – at home, Elizabeth Johnston, The Australian Women’s Weekly, March


  • School’s Out, Kate Collins, the Sunday Mail, April 12
  • Education at home grows in strength, Greg Abbott (Queensland article on John Peacock’s tour of Queensland home ed groups)
  • The Herald Sun, February 22 (front page article referred to the Out of School Education Bill as a “KGB” proposal – the bill was withdrawn the next day.)


  • Alternative education, Carolyn Deed, (The Age?, Sept/Nov?)
  • Northern Star (NSW), September 19:
    • The Legitimate Alternative (report on changes to NSW law, enabling home education)
    • Learning is as instinctive as walking or talking (on Nimbin Home-Based Learning Group)
    • Can parents give their children a better education? Dominique White
    • A family that learns together
  • Home is where it all starts, Jane Cafarella, The Age, July (on home birther and home educator, Elizabeth James)
  • Fooling around in Fitzroy, Greg Burchall, Melbourne Times (on artist Kirsty Boyd, mentions educating three children at home)
  • 60 minutes segment on home education 7/4/1991.
  • The Age carried a home schooling article featuring Joanne Beirne and family, February 14? (not online)


  • Otherways page with newspaper clippings from a court case where a Victorian family’s right to home educate their children was upheld. October
  • Staying at home may give children a better education, Eamon Murphy, The Age,  May 6


  • In a class of their own, Evelyn Tsitas, The Herald (Weekend), October 27
  • More kids taught in the home, Sunday Sun (Brisbane) Jan 15


  • How far should parents involve themselves? Sydney Morning Herald Aug 11
  • Women’s Weekly (Feb) story on home educator Sandra Clayton and interviews with six AERG families including Clare Cole.
  • Interpreting the Continum Concept, by Marion Pears, Grass Roots, Feb


  • Home education row turns full circle, Alison Lees, Southern Gazette, July 15 (report on Perth court case)


  • John Holt, children’s champion, Geoff Maslen, The Age, October 25 (John Holt’s death reported)
  • Home is a school without peers, Progress Press, May (on Clare Cole and her daughters)


  • Education Age June 26 carried two stories on home education written by early members of the Alternative Education Resource Group (which later became HEN)

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