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January 30, 2018
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40 home ed articles/segments were generated by HEN over this period as part of our campaign for a reasonable regulatory regime in Victoria.














  • Labour of love for their mum, Mornington Peninsula Leader, October 9
  • Ruling clears the way for school at home, (Adelaide) The Advertiser
  • Learning on the Ross dairy farm, Luke Mullane, Ballarat Courier, May 17
  • Maths Makes Mates, David Nason, The Australian, March 20


  • School’s in at home, Michelle Edmunds, The Herald Sun, August 17


  • Home education spreading, (Wangaratta) The Chronicle, November 17
  • Sunday Life article on home education (September?) portrayed home education as “weird and wonderful”
  • Homespun wisdom, Alan Thomas, The Australian, September 20


  • My home school, Clare Cole, The Australian Women’s Weekly, July
  • Different school of thought, Anna Malbon, Progress Press, June 8
  • Do it yourself education, Genevieve Lally, The Herald Sun, May 9
  • Thomas, 15, is off to uni – without a HSC, Hornsby Advocate, February 25


  • Doing their Homework & School’s in as kids gather around the couch, Naomi Morriss , The Geelong Advertiser, November 20.


  • Children educated at home don’t learn like they do in school – Alan Thomas on Ockam’s Razor, November 24
  • Going to school at the kitchen table, Gabrielle Hodson, The Ballarat Courier, September 7
  • Homes of the brave, John Watts, The Age (Education), August 20
  • Mums meet the challenge, Merrilee Lowe, The Bendigo Advertiser, August 17
  • Family favors home schooling, Leigh Parry, Know News, June 25


  • A Home-grown scholarship boy, Mark Scott, The Sydney Morning Herald, July
  • Shooting for the educational stars, Julia Boxx (home educating parent of the scholarship boy above) The Sydney Morning Herald, July 
  • Home schooling’s photo finish, Maria Harris, Progress Press (home educated Holly Cole wins Premier’s Award for Studio Arts)
  • Electronics takes Emma to the navy, (Wangaratta?Chronicle, April 5


  • Never a Schoolboy, The University of Queensland kGraduate Contact Winter (on PhD lecturer in psychology Rex Newsome)
  • Home classes can school your child, Lynne Holroyd, The Herald Sun, February 8
  • Home school background a factor in maths award,  Matt Robbins, The Australian,  January 26


  • Home is where the classroom is, Sunday Herald Sun, July 25 (feature)
  • Corbett kids get ‘proper’ education at home, The Standard (Weekend Magazine), April 10
  • School’s in – at home, Elizabeth Johnston, The Australian Women’s Weekly, March


  • School’s Out, Kate Collins, the Sunday Mail, April 12
  • Education at home grows in strength, Greg Abbott (Queensland article on John Peacock’s tour of Queensland home ed groups)
  • The Herald Sun, February 22 (front page article referred to the Out of School Education Bill as a “KGB” proposal – the bill was withdrawn the next day.)


  • Alternative education, Carolyn Deed, (The Age?, Sept/Nov?)
  • Northern Star (NSW), September 19:
    • The Legitimate Alternative (report on changes to NSW law, enabling home education)
    • Learning is as instinctive as walking or talking (on Nimbin Home-Based Learning Group)
    • Can parents give their children a better education? Dominique White
    • A family that learns together
  • Home is where it all starts, Jane Cafarella, The Age, July (on home birther and home educator, Elizabeth James)
  • Fooling around in Fitzroy, Greg Burchall, Melbourne Times (on artist Kirsty Boyd, mentions educating three children at home)
  • The Age carried a home schooling article featuring Joanne Beirne and family, February 14? (not online)


  • newspaper clippings from a court case where a Victorian family’s right to home educate their children was upheld. October
  • Staying at home may give children a better education, Eamon Murphy, The Age,  May 6


In a class of their own, Evelyn Tsitas, The Herald (Weekend), October 27


  • How far should parents involve themselves? Sydney Morning Herald Aug 11
  • Women’s Weekly story on Clare Cole, home educator


Home education row turns full circle, Alison Lees, Southern Gazette, July 15 (report on Perth court case)


  • John Holt, children’s champion, Geoff Maslen, The Age, October 25 (John Holt’s death reported)
  • Home is a school without peers, Progress Press, May (on Clare Cole and her daughters)

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