Monthly HEN social meet-ups and parents’ nights

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February 27, 2018
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March 20, 2018
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Monthly HEN social meet-ups and parents’ nights

To help people better make connections in their local area, we are looking for volunteers to run one-off social events and/or parent nights.  We would like these events to run throughout the state, so that every HEN member will be close enough to at least one event each year.

HEN social events will be open to all (members and non-members), aiming to increase local friendships, and to disseminate information about events, learning styles, regulations, and local groups.

We are looking for volunteers (or groups of volunteers) who are willing to source a local venue and host an event.  If you enjoy meeting people, and sharing knowledge, we would love to hear from you.

Events should be open to all on a drop-in basis.  However, there’s no requirement to follow a set formula for your event.  You might arrange for representatives of local groups to attend, sell used resources, host a board game swap, arrange some group ‘get to know you’ games – or just meet, play, and chat.  You would also choose the date, time, and location.

HEN will provide the following support to organisers:

  • Advertising the event on the website, in emails, and via Facebook
  • An information sheet with ideas for different activities and an organisational checklist
  • HEN leaflets covering the registration and review process
  • Help cover the deposit/cost of hall hire (if donations do not do so)
  • Event insurance
  • We will also try to arrange for a committee member to attend if desired.

We are also looking for volunteers to run a social parents’ night.  Again, these would be one-off events, usually held in someone’s home.  HEN would advertise the events (without providing the address), then pass on these details to interested members.  You would, of course, be free to advertise the event on local Facebook pages etc, if you are happy to include those who are not members of HEN.  Evening events are usually adults only (babes in arms included), but you may choose to include children if you wish.

These additional social opportunities will dovetail with the increased availability of local newbie Information Nights,  providing support for families at every stage of their home education journey.

If you’re interested in running such a session, contact Kirsty for more details at

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