Responses and suggestions from other home educators – Bad days

What advice do you have to get through the ‘bad ‘ days?

  • A Bad Day At Home Is Still Better Than A Good Day At School. 
  • This Too Shall Pass.
  • Go Gently – that’s what my 13yo told me 2 weeks ago!!!!
  • Make a cuppa, put on Netflix and relax. Have a bath. Tomorrow is a new day
  • Take the day off and have fun
    • I agree! Go for a walk. Get out of the house and do something you all enjoy.
  • Remember they are doing more learning at home than they’ll ever do at school (spent a term at school with my son and 90% of the time was crowd control and not learning). One or a few bad days is no biggy.
  • Everybody in the world has bad days and we are always learning our whole life.
If we are alive.

    • So true. Also so important that kids have a positive relationship with learning, otherwise they will grow up hating it.
  • Take a mental health day. Do something fun. Watch a movie or something.
  • Just keep swimming!
  • This too shall pass!
  • Be kind to yourself. Everyone is entitled to a bad day. Feel it together, and talk when you can.
  • Work harder today and don’t allow whatever is worrying you to get into your head. It doesn’t pay rent so don’t allow it stay there.
  • Add water – no matter what age water helps.
  • Let it all go and have a change of scenery, even if it means a local park or walk around the block. Do something different – go get an ice cream, have a picnic in the backyard, play board games all day, watch a movie in the middle of the day. Whatever – just let go of the idea that you have to achieve a thing.
  • Where possible, SLEEP.
  • Don’t be afraid to stop doing things that aren’t working, and find something that does. Doesn’t matter how much you paid for a curriculum, unit, class, tutor, or equipment. Or how mentally invested you are in one way of doing things. We have so much freedom with homeschooling, that if something sucks, you aren’t locked into it.
  • Share with someone, tell a friend how you’re feeling, vent in a safe online support group. It’s okay to not be okay. And secondly, pause, relax, take some time off, ground yourself in whatever way works for you. Homeschooling can wait. It really can.
  • This too shall pass.
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