Responses and suggestions from other home educators – Documentaries

What documentaries would you recommend to other families?

  • Maddie’s do you know on iview.
  • Someone on FB suggested My Octopus Teacher & it was amazing. It’s on Netflix.
  • Also Youth v Gov, The Social Dilemma but it depends on age, mine are older & watch lots of educational documentaries that I wouldn’t say are for younger children.
  • I like My Octopus Teacher too. It’s a refreshing look at cycles of life.
  • 7 Up series
  • Curiosity stream is amazing
  • The Story of Stuff
  • Following, great question!
  • My Octopus Teacher – it’s different.
  • Speed cubers
  • Tim Winton’s Ningaloo on ABC iview
  • If you have Netflix: Island of Sea Wolves.
  • Anything by David Attenborough
  • You Tube Documentary Series: Most Dangerous Ways to School. Fascinating & eye-opening, each episode focuses on a specific region in the world, their way of life & the challenges children face getting to school each day… (I know this is a home education group, but seeing how other children access forms of education has been great learning for us)
  • For older kids… Ukraine on Fire.
  • The Shark Whisperer – Saving Sharks From Extinction ( YouTube) 
 Takayna – What If Running Could Save A Rainforest? (YouTube)
  • We’ve been watching casual geographics- youtube and @vsauce also on youtube and Nasdaily- facebook. I don’t know that they are all documentaries souch as they are short educational videos. Nas daily started out doing 1 minute videos on different countries. casual geographic does animal videos and @vsauce does a mix of science maths etc most are good for kids, but as casual geo is about animals I do advise parental discretion
  • For ages 10 and up think these would be ok:
  • Ancient apocalypse (netflix)
  • Back in time for dinner, Further back in time and Corner shop (iView) Lost treasures of Egypt(disney)
  • Teenage boss (iview)
  • The gold rush (iview)
  • Back to nature (iview)
  • Moving to the country (iview)
  • The kewi grower(youtube)
  • Blueworldtv (you tube)
  • Bright side (you tube)
  • Jared owen (youtube) how things work etc
  • The action lab (youtube) science
  • For younger kids its
    aumsum time (youtube)
    Mylmarks (youtube) about feelings etc
  • Blue water safari SBS
  • Young Plato
  • Everything on Curiousity Stream!
  • Mine love anything David Attenborough… I particularly like the Galapagos series.
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