Should you home educate for COVID-19?

The Coronavirus has many families assessing the safety of school attendance at present, and HEN has been contacted by families considering home education for this reason.

For most people who wish their child to return to school as soon as they consider it safe, registering for home education is not necessary.

School absence doesn’t have to mean home education

If COVID-19 is your only reason to consider home education, you do not need to register for home education.

Instead, contact your school, explain you have decided to keep your child home during the current crisis and ask if they can supply work or suggested resources.

If your school does not provide work for your child, you could treat this as an extended holiday, and spend time playing games, watching documentaries, and engaging in activities which extend your child’s learning in their areas of interest. There are many resources available – look to the documentaries and books in your own collection and see the resources section of our website – many are free.

Regardless of whether you are supplied with schoolwork, try to relax and enjoy this bonus time with your kids.

How does this differ from home education?

Arranging an absence from school means the school still has responsibility for the education of your child, you simply supervise the work for a time.

In home education, the parent has primary responsibility for the child’s education, this involves planning and delivering the education on an ongoing basis.

Will I be booked for truancy?

In both Victoria and Tasmania, Premiers have given assurances that no one will be booked for truancy if they choose to keep their children home during this crisis. In NSW, the government is asking parents to keep children home if possible.

In other states, HEN considers it highly unlikely anyone will be pursued for truancy in the current climate.

Want to home educate?

If you decide that registering for Home Education is the best choice for your family, we have comprehensive information about the legal requirements, as well as how to prepare a Learning Plan to register in Victoria. Registration usually takes around a fortnight but may take up to 28 days.

Here is a fact sheet you may find useful.

Download as a .PDF

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