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Legally, teenagers are required to be at school or registered for home education until the age of 17.

When kids aged under 17 move to a TAFE course, they may be asked for a Transition from School Form (form will download when you click the link) during the enrolment process. You can download the form using the link provided here, but it must be signed by the Regional Director i.e. giving permission for the student to ‘leave school’.

For instructions on how to complete the form, phone your Department regional office and ask to speak to someone about a transition from school enquiry. Once put through, explain you have a student registered for home education who wishes to transfer to a TAFE course, that you are completing a Transition from School Form and need specific instructions on how to fill it in and submit it to the Regional Director.

The course needs to be considered full-time for the transition to be approved; DET define full-time as 25 hours per week.

This process is messy and can be slow. HEN is working on having it changed.

More information on the VRQA website.

If you are given the run around, members can contact Sue for help at

You can find your nearest regional office here:

Teenagers under 17 can undertake part time TAFE courses while remaining registered with the VRQA, but will not receive a funded place. Again, HEN is working on having this arbitrary discrimination changed.

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