Testimonial from Gold Prospecting Adventures

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February 20, 2017
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Testimonial from Gold Prospecting Adventures

I first had dealings with  the Home Education Network when Belinda Cowie booked a gold prospecting tour. This tour gave the students a hands on experience with gold panning, metal detecting and fossicking activities. The morning was a huge success and we received lots of positive feedback from the group.

The group included adults, teens, children, preschoolers and toddlers and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day.  Rotating through activities in small groups allowed everyone to have hands on, personal experience of gold panning, metal detecting and fossicking. The 4WD trip in the bus, standing in the creek panning and searching for gold flecks, exploring whilst loaded up with backpacks, headphones and detectors and digging with picks were all major highlights. There were lots of happy faces and excited stories over lunch about the treasures the children found and got to keep – including real gold and gems as well as pieces of old junk with mysterious tales of myths and legends about how they came to be there. There were interesting stories shared as well as lots of informative facts and explanations.

In summary, it was a very positive experience that our tour guides shared with the Home Education Network students on the tour. Despite the age differences of the children, they were well behaved, engaged and managed well by Belinda and her assistants. I hope that the Home Education community have the opportunity to continue educating children in the way that best meets their needs.


Leanne Kamp
Customer Services
Gold & Relics Gold Prospecting Adventures

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