Virtual School Victoria (Distance Education) Materials

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January 19, 2018
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January 30, 2018
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Virtual School Victoria (Distance Education) Materials

DET has licensed HEN to distribute the 2015 Virtual School Victoria (formerly known as Distance Education Centre Victoria (DECV)) course to Victorian home educators for FREE.

Please note that these materials refer to DECV, which is the former name of Virtual School Victoria (VSV).

The materials form a comprehensive curriculum for any home educator. New families will find them especially useful, as will anyone looking for a structured program. The use of these materials is OPTIONAL.  Many other resources are available, these are simply one more resource you have to choose from.

You do not need to be a HEN member. Any Victorian home educator may use them. 

We are managing downloads through our shop in order to count the number of users, but there is no charge.


  • Due to copyright issues, the video and audio content referred to is unavailable and some materials have photos removed. There are also a  couple of units (Year 9 Sem 1 Science and Module G from Year 10 English) unavailable because they were offered online.
  • If you would prefer a Word copy of the files, these files are too large to store on our website. Email to arrange an alternate delivery method.
  • Home educated students can enrol in VSV for year 10/11/12 if they wish (as long as they have been registered with the VRQA for over 12 months). More details here.
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  1. Farrah Phillips says:

    Hi is there any answer sheets to the 2015 cirruculum please?
    Also is it possible to do VCAL course in year 10 doing this cirruculum?

    • wphen says:

      There are no answer sheets but you can request support in a home ed facebook groups or google examples of the problem you’re stuck on.
      These materials only go to year 10. Home educated students may enrol in VSV to complete Year 11/12 provided they have been registered for home ed for at least 12 months prior. While VSV don’t teach VCAL themselves, you can do VCE through them and incorporate a VET component from another provider. Contact VSV for details.

      Some TAFEs provide VCAL e.g. Box Hill

      There are many other options for senior secondary education. See VCE & Alternatives or our booklet Other Ways to Uni and Careers.

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